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The diehards know that on July 9, 1968, the MLB All Star Game was played at the Astrodome. Who was the only ‘Stro to make the NL All Star Team that year?

I saw this tweet today:

Texas Tribune Retweeted

Patrick Svitek‏Verified account @PatrickSvitek 12h12 hours ago


On tele-town hall tonight, Cruz got Q from supporter who said he sees “just too many Beto signs” in his area north of Dallas. Cruz says his campaign only rolled out signs w/in the past month. “We are frugal & so we don’t spend our money until it’s as close to E. Day as possible.”

Translation: Who in the heck would want a Ted Cruz sign in their yard anyway?

Commentary will give another three cents on Kelly Frels’ Chron Sunday Op-Ed on reducing the number of HISD single member Trustee districts and adding at-large districts. Money. HISD has over 720,000 registered voters. Where is an at-large candidate going to get the campaign funds to campaign districtwide? Lately, national teacher groups and unions have been the only ones willing to put in that kind of serious campaign dough into HISD Trustee campaigns. How can a candidate effectively campaign districtwide if they don’t have the funds? How can an HISD voter make an informed decision if they don’t know anything about the candidates? Just saying.

I received this yesterday on my HISD take:

Considering all the failing disticts I’ve known, all of them had a failing school board. If there is cause and effect operating here, I suspect the failing district schools caused the failing board. Not the other way around. We need to realize that we have elected boards that almost always are composed of people who know little more about schools and teaching than their own experience as students. Translation: Members are not qualfied to fix the problems. But administrators are supposed to know. Unfortunately, most of them are just trying to save their own necks.

Yes, the business communities should be involved in our schools. But got help us whenever the cry goes out that schools should be run like businesses. They should not.

Tim Bacon

A few days ago, Donald Trump said there wouldn’t be a Perry Mason moment. He said this:

“Will we be talking about meddling? I will absolutely bring that up. I don’t think you’ll have any, ‘Gee, I did it, I did it, you got me.’ There won’t be a Perry Mason here I don’t think.”

Well, we had our Perry Mason moment yesterday. I could hear the Perry Mason theme music in the background.

Hello, Colluder-In-Chief!

I was watching live on CNN yesterday. I was not surprised by what Trump said. I would have been surprised if he had called out Putin. It was good to see AC360 immediately call it like it was – disgraceful.

I am guessing the Mueller investigation will tell us if there is a tape or do the Russians have Trump on the hook over loans or something like that.

Here are the Chron headlines from their E-Board take today:

Trump embarrassed America by playing Putin’s puppy [Editorial]

And this:

Puppy prez

Here is how the E-Board take starts:

Donald Trump’s followers have a high tolerance level for his bad behavior, so perhaps it won’t bother them that Russia’s aspiring dictator Vladimir Putin made our president look like an obedient puppy during their summit Monday in Helsinki. But any other American whose heart beats with patriotic pride had to be embarrassed by Trump’s pathetic performance.

Here is the entire take: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/editorials/article/Trump-embarrassed-America-by-playing-Putin-s-13079853.php?utm_campaign=twitter-mobile&utm_source=CMS%20Sharing%20Button&utm_medium=social.

How about Putin’s punk?

There were not a whole lot of Trump talking toads, err heads, willing to go on the air yesterday. Rick Santorum was the only one I saw.

I hope all Dems with GOP opponents wrap Donald Trump around their opponent’s neck, please. Make their GOP opponents denounce Trump! Do it now!

Rusty Staub of course was the only ‘Stro on the NL All Star team at the game played at the Astrodome in 1968.

I saw the Alex Bregman portion of the Dinger Derby last night. I have said it before, Bregman is the most fun ‘Stro to watch for sure. He is prime time.

Commentary will be rooting for the ‘Stro players tonight.


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