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Unusual Walk-Off

How many walk-off wins do we have this season?

Yesterday, Commentary said this about those who helped get The Yard built Downtown:

You can thank folks like Drayton McLane, Jr., Pam Gardner, the late Mayor Bob Lanier, Mayor Lee Brown, The Dean, the late State Senator Mario Gallegos, State Rep. Carol Alvarado, Dave Walden, the original members of the Harris County – Houston Sports Authority and I’ll mention my best friend, Al Luna, who was one of the original Sports Authority Board Members, key Downtown Business leaders and the list goes on and on, and I’ll mention Mayor Bill White who brought us Discovery Green.

Dave Walden sent me this:

Thanks Marc. But without Coleman (and many others), we would have been killed in the leg even after the referendum.

Dave is right about State Rep. Garnet Coleman’s role in the legislature in 1997. I think the bill was HB 92 carried by then State Rep. Ken Brimer in the House and The Dean in the Senate. Got it?

Jerome Solomon has a column in today’s Chron Sports Section on our pro teams and their cribs. Here is the headline in the hard copy:

Houston blessed to have lease peace with its teams

Here is from the column:

There is a strong and logical argument that governments shouldn’t be involved in the stadium building and financing business, but it is too late for said debate here. Cement has already been poured on Minute Maid Park, NRG Stadium, Toyota Center and BBVA Compass Stadium.

Numerous economic studies have shown that investment in professional sports stadiums doesn’t pay off in matching jobs and economic growth, but the desire for cities to be among the haves often wins out.

To many, it is about public consumption versus smart financial investments, and the World Series parade was a proper payoff.

Here is the entire column: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/sports/columnists/solomon/article/Houston-blessed-to-have-lease-peace-with-its-teams-13064785.php.

Commentary will just say this. Harris County voters decided on using tax dollars for the cribs. I think the voters decided it would be a good investment. So, go on ahead and debate all you want on the economic benefits.

The ‘Stros now have six walk-off wins of course.

Sigh! The Skipper needs to tell reliever Ken Giles to please grow up. The way he stormed off the mound yesterday in the ninth inning was not cool. It was an embarrassment.

I thought the walk-off win against the Padres back in April was a weird one. Last night’s was wacky for sure.  It even made the “Today” show this morning. We should not have blown the four run lead in the ninth, but that’s why it is the greatest game ever.

Replica World Series rings are being handed out to everyone who shows up tonight. At 62-32, we still have the second best record in MLB, but we are still 2 ½ behind the Red Sox.

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