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Name the nine players with more than 500 career dingers in MLB who are not in the National Baseball Hall of Fame?

Commentary gets why and where GOPers are on guns, against LGBT rights, anti-Latino and folks of color, the Muslim travel ban, not wanting to adequately fund our public schools, against DREAMers, you get the picture. I don’t understand GOPers having a problem with cities banning plastic bags. The bags kill livestock and marine life and clog our waterways. Whose arse is the GOP trying to save by opposing the plastic bag ban?

On a related issue, Kroger just came out with bright yellow plastic bags. Not too smart of an idea if you ask Commentary. Now folks will be able to say “hey, check out all the Kroger bags clogging up the bayou!” Not too smart.

Mike Snyder has a piece in today’s Chron on the Mayor of Pasadena’s first year in office. Here is the headline from the online Chron story followed by the headline in the hard copy:

A year into his term, Mayor Jeff Wagner struggles to unify Pasadena after Isbell tenure


A year in, Pasadena mayor gets mixed reviews

Here is the story: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/A-year-into-his-term-Mayor-Jeff-Wagner-struggles-13055337.php.

I don’t live in Pasadena, but I have been there a few times this past year.   I think it was huge that the Mayor decided not to appeal the voting rights case. James Rodriguez is his Chief of Staff and he has a Latino police chief. What do I know?

Jake Marisnick was sent down to Triple A this past Saturday, again. If you are hitting .190 on a World Series contending team, you are not going to stick around too long. Sorry, Jake.

Barry Bonds with 762 career dingers, A-Rod with 696, Albert Pujols with 626, Sammy Sosa with 609, Mark KcGwire with 583, Rafael Palmeiro with 569, Manny Ramirez with 555, David Ortiz with 541 and Gary Sheffield with 509 of course are not in the Hall of Fame.

Every now and then I will be asked who is my favorite ‘Stro? These days I replay “I will tell who is the most fun to watch – Alex Bregman.”

Congrats to Alex Bregman for making his first MLB All Star Team.

Let me also congratulate 2018 All Stars Jose Altuve, Gerrit Cole, #SpringerDinger and Justin Verlander.

Remember when I wrote this back on June 7?

Here is where we need to make our move. We have the 4th best record in MLB and 5 ½ games behind the Red Sox, the team with the best record. We have 36 games before we reach the All Star break. 16 are roadies. 20 are at The Yard. 29 are against MLB clubs with records below .500. The other 7 are with an MLB club playing just 1 game about .500. We have to make our move as we start a 4 game series in Arlington this evening.

Since then we are 23-6. We now have the 2nd best record in MLB and 1 ½ games behind the Red Sox, the team with the best record.

The A’s are in for three.


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