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Trump’s GOP

According to this week’s edition of Parade, how many hot dogs will be scarfed down at MLB ballparks this season?

Let’s see. Yesterday, Donald Trump said “Putin’s fine.” He also took a shot at Prez Bush 41’s “Thousand points of light.” And apparently that’s OK with the rest of the GOP leadership. Bush 41 is a gentleman and statesman for sure.  Bush 41 is a H-Town treasure. Where is the pushback from H-Town’s GOP leadership?

Bush 41 has his library in the Lone Star State. Where is the pushback from the state’s GOP leadership?  Trump stomps on 41’s legacy and it is A-Okay with the rest of the gutless GOP leadership.   Because it is Trump’s GOP these days. Pathetic.

The EPA Administrator is a goner and according his resignation statement, it is our fault. Got it?

Commentary is certainly not an expert on flooding in the H-Town area. I will say this. Today, I don’t have confidence in anyone’s local expertise. I will say that these days it is safe to say that we can’t handle a lot of rain.

I will also say this. Do we have to have the City’s Fourth of July Festival next to the bayou? Isn’t there another location we can use? Just saying.

19 million hot dogs of course will be scarfed down at MLB ballparks this season.

Yuli came through last night in walk-off fashion. 58-31.

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