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It is Independence Day and our great nation has 2,000 plus Brown kids separated from their families today, so I will forego wishing you a Happy Fourth of July.

And this is what Sen. Ted Cruz said yesterday about the president-elect of Mexico:

“One of the areas that could be particularly problematic is he urged Mexicans before the election, ‘Pack up and go up north to America.’ … I’m running in the state of Texas. How would it work if I stood up and said, ‘Elect me and then get the hell out of Texas!’?” What a profound statement of giving up on your country, telling your citizens, ‘Flee our country because we’re not gonna solve the problem.'”

The president-elect of Mexico said no such thing.

Sen. Cruz went on to call for building the wall.

It is sad indeed that a U.S. Senator from Texas has to use anti-Mexico rhetoric to get reelected. That is a first, I am sure.  (John Tower never did.  Lloyd Bensten never did.  Phil Gramm, nope.  Kay Bailey Hutchison, nope.)

Sen. Cruz knows better. But he also knows he could very well lose. Heck, Beto had a packed house in Pasadena yesterday.

No MLB question today.


Stay safe on this Fourth.


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