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Insulting and Janus

We are 54-28. Once again, what was our record last season after 82 games?

Let’s see. New York’s 14th Congressional District is made up of 77% people of color and folks are saying the National Democratic Party has been turned on its head because the 14th Congressional District elected a person of color? In this case Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Please help me out on this?

Commentary finds it a bit insulting that some folks think the Dem Party is imploding of sorts because this Congressional District elected someone who looks like them. Sometimes this stuff happens, so just shut the you know bleeping what up!

Commentary was watching when this would come out. I am talking about yesterday’s SCOTUS ruling on Janus v AFSCME. Yeah, this is big news too! See this from the Chron:

Some of the nation’s largest and most powerful unions are bracing for an exodus of members and a substantial financial hit after a Supreme Court decision that threatens their ability to collect fees, a ruling expected to severely diminish organized labor’s political strength and undermine its capacity to represent worker interests.

The court’s 5-to-4 ruling Wednesday applied to public-employee unions, such as those representing teachers, state workers and police officers. The court said states could no longer compel the payment of union fees by workers who don’t want to join, even if they benefit from the union’s activities, such as contract negotiations. The court ruled that the fees are unconstitutional because they infringe upon workers’ free-speech rights. Across the country, about two dozen states have laws that permit unions to require fees.

The decision could hinder the role of public-sector unions in elections. Organized labor has typically backed Democratic candidates and progressive policies for workers and battled measures such as merit pay for teachers and private-school vouchers.

Public-sector unions had been preparing for the ruling at least since the conservative-leaning high court decided in September to take the case. Before Neil Gorsuch was confirmed, the court had deadlocked on a similar case, with the four conservative justices ruling against unions.

The case attracted attention from Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, whose efforts to expand school choice have put her at odds with teacher unions, which she has called “defenders of the status quo.” She has been critical of teacher movements – backed by unions – that swept several states this year, when teachers shut down schools to draw attention to their paltry pay and deficient school funding. And she has battled the union representing employees in her department, with union leaders accusing the department of steamrolling the collective-bargaining process. She was in the audience at the Supreme Court when the case was argued in February.

The National Education Association – the nation’s biggest union, with more than 3 million teachers – said it fears losing about 200,000 members this year and possibly 100,000 more next year. It, along with other public-sector unions, has worked to aggressively recruit and retain members, sometimes by having them sign pledge cards and providing professional development for new teachers.

Lily Eskelsen García, the union’s president, said her union is preparing to cut about $28 million from its budget and about 40 people from its 400-person staff. That has led to in-house tensions: The unionized staff of NEA Today, the union’s newsletter, threatened to strike over stalled negotiations with the association.

Here is the entire article: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/article/Unions-brace-for-loss-of-members-and-fees-in-wake-13030993.php?src=hp_totn.


Folks, we don’t have any choice but to look at the bright side. Janus, SCOTUS, snatching Brown kids away from their parents, anti-GLBT bakers, voting rights, for starters, if that doesn’t get us riled up for November 6. Commentary is thinking something huge is going to happen then.

Last season after 82 games, we were 55-27 of course.

Carol Alvarado tweeted this after Alex Bregman’s walk-off dinger yesterday

Can I just say how AMAZING our @astros are? What a win! I wasn’t worried at all because our guys always come through! Yes, I wasn’t worried at all, no sweat here! @robertreidryan @MarcCommentary

Commentary was watching the game here on the flat screen and I was not a bit surprised at the outcome. #NeverSettle.

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