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Last season, Cleveland led MLB with a plus 254 run differential. Care to guess their run differential this season?

Last night, when I returned from The Yard, I flipped on the flat screen and watched as CNN introduced me to our newest national Latina political leader, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. How about that!

Don’t argue with me, please. She is part of a movement within the Dem Party. She knocked off a high ranking and well known national Dem. Cong. Joe Crowley was part of the DC Dem leadership team. Not anymore. They don’t get it. Adios.

Check this from a Politico story:

A Crowley insider said the campaign underestimated the “volatility” of the electorate.

“About two weeks ago, three weeks ago, we had our last poll which had Joe up by about 35 points. So the electorate’s really volatile,” the insider told POLITICO. “Crowley campaign had a huge field program, but it’s still a district where Bernie [Sanders] got almost 45 percent of the vote. We took it seriously, I mean we spent $1.5 million dollars on it. … It was a bloodletting of Washington Democrats.”

Commentary certainly hopes Ms. Ocasio-Cortez embraces her role in national politics. Her voice is certainly welcome. Her voice is certainly needed. Congrats!

This is kind of a goofy story in Politico today. You decide here:

Texas officials are fuming over the tab for the upcoming special election to replace former Republican Rep. Blake Farenthold.

The cost of the June 30 election to replace Farenthold, who resigned in April amid reports he had used $84,000 in taxpayer money to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit, is expected to be at least $157,000 — and many of the 13 largely rural counties holding the election say they can’t afford their share of the bill.

Worse, they argue, the special election is a pointless and needlessly costly exercise since the contest is likely to go to a September runoff — meaning the eventual winner will likely serve in Washington for less than 90 days.

“We’re all not happy,” said Wharton County Elections Administrator Cynthia Richter. “It is what it is, it’s just crazy.”

After announcing the special election date, Republican Gov. Greg Abbott wrote the millionaire former congressman to request that Farenthold pay for the special election costs himself. Farenthold had originally said he would pay back the $84,000 he used to settle the harassment claim; the governor asked that he apply that money to the local counties to cover the costs of the special election.

Farenthold’s response? No.

“In my opinion, as well as many other county officials I have heard from, a special election was not warranted and should not have been called,” wrote Farenthold in a letter addressed to Abbott. “However, that was your decision based upon the advice you were given. Since I didn’t call it and don’t think it’s necessary, I shouldn’t be asked to pay for it.”

And this:

“The governor shares the frustrations of the District in having to pay for a special election for a disgraced ex-congressman whose final act was to stick taxpayers with the bill at the worst possible time,” wrote Abbott’s deputy press secretary Mac Walker in an email. “Texans in the 27th Congressional District deserve better representation, something they have severely lacked in Washington D.C. for far too long.”

Here is the entire article: https://www.politico.com/story/2018/06/26/blake-farenthold-election-texas-674865.

If the 27th Congressional District lacked representation for far too long, why didn’t Gov. Abbott go after him like he went after State Rep. Sarah Davis. That’s chickens__t if you ask Commentary.

The state should also have to cough up the funds for a special election. Just saying.

Commentary hasn’t been to Memorial Park in a while, so this doesn’t really impact me. Here is from Bill King:

In its never-ending quest to nickel and dime Houstonians out of every last dollar, the City of Houston recently announced that it will begin charging for some of the parking spaces at Memorial Park. The City has said that the revenue will help maintain the park. This is absurd on so many different levels that I hardly know where to start.

Go check out the rest of Bill’s take here: http://www.billkingblog.com/.

Cleveland has a plus 57 run differential this season

At the halfway point of the season, the ‘Stros are 53-28. Not bad at all.

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