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Bartolo Colon now has struck out 2,502 batters in his career, putting him tied for 33 on the all-time career strikeout list. How many MLB pitchers have 3,000 or more strikeouts?

A SBOE member took offense to so-called hyphenated Americanism so that is why he opposed the Mexican American Studies name.

State Rep. Carol Alvarado pointed out that the Texas GOP had used the term “Mexican American” before. She said according to the Governor Abbott’s website, if you want to do business with the State of Texas under the HUB program, one of the criteria was to be a “Hispanic American” business owner. Rep. Alvarado also pointed out that the U.S. Army’s website has a page devoted to “Hispanic-American Medal of Honor Recipients.”

Oh, the hypocrisy of the GOP!

Here is some of what State Rep. Carol Alvarado had to say at yesterday’s State Board of Education Meeting:

A few weeks ago, Board Member David Bradley said: “I find hyphenated Americanism to be divisive.”

A century ago former President Teddy Roosevelt said: “There is no room in this country for hyphenated Americanism.” And warned of “a tangle of squabbling nationalities.”

At around the same time then President Woodrow was a bit more colorful when he said: “Any man who carries a hyphen about with him carries a dagger that he is ready to plunge into the vitals of this Republic.”

America obviously did not pay heed to hyphenated Americanism destroying our great nation.

We are taught in our public schools that in 1960, we elected a president who was proud of his Irish American heritage and in 2008, we elected a president who embraced his African American culture.

Look at our own state government policy.

On the official website of our own Governor Abbott, there is a page on how to qualify for the Historically Underutilized Business Certification Program (HUB), and says:

“To obtain HUB certification, a business must be at least 51% owned by an Asian Pacific American, Black American, Hispanic American, Native American and/or American woman and as a result of the recent legislative session now service-rendered disabled veterans are considered a minority for purposes of the HUB Program.”


This is from the independent non-profit Texas State Historical Association, that has been around since 1897: In 1965 Mexican Americans founded the Mexican-American Advisory Committee within the Republican Party of Texas.

And this from the same notation: Mexican American Republicans of Texas was organized in 1972 as an official auxiliary of the state Republican party to promote Mexican-American interests.

This state’s Republican Party promoted the Mexican American term and this assemblage of citizens over a half century ago.

Everyone in this room supports our military, right?

Visit the website of our U.S. Army and you will find a page titled: Hispanic-American Medal of Honor recipients

By the way, there are over 60 Hispanic-American Medal of Honor recipients.

Thank you, Rep. Alvarado.

Commentary doesn’t really know what to think about the following. Here is from the Chron:

When Houston ISD trustees meet in closed session on Thursday, they will have a major — and unexpected — item on their agenda: whether to appoint Interim Superintendent Grenita Lathan as the district’s permanent leader.

It was a surprising addition to the board’s agenda, one that caught several trustees off-guard this week.

And this:

In interviews Tuesday, four trustees said they did not know why Lathan’s permanent appointment was on the agenda.

And this:

“In order to rebuild public trust and transparency, we do need to involve the public,” HISD Trustee Elizabeth Santos said. “Our constituents and employees deserve that.”

And this:

HISD Trustee Sergio Lira, who called the agenda item about Lathan “kind of surprising,” said he expected a superintendent search to gain steam later in the summer.

And finally, this:

Trustee Anne Sung echoed calls for more public discussion before moving to appoint Lathan.

“Unless I’m given a very strong reason otherwise, I think part of our responsibility is to do a national search,” Sung said.

Here is all of the article: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Houston-ISD-agenda-includes-discussion-of-making-12987880.php.

Commentary is inclined to be all in for a national search. On the other hand, who in their right mind would want to come to a school district that might be taken over by the state. Just saying. 

Nice move by #BetoForTexas. From the Chron:

El Paso congressman and Senate hopeful Beto O’Rourke traveled to Texas’ border on Tuesday to witness firsthand the separation of families under the Trump administration.

In a video detailing his day in McAllen, O’Rourke said he met with a mother and her 7-year-old daughter in custody at one of the nation’s busiest border patrol stations.

“Within the next, perhaps, 24 hours they were going to be separated and I don’t know that [the] mother and her child knew that at the time,” O’Rourke said.

Here is the entire story: https://www.chron.com/news/politics/texas/article/Beto-O-Rourke-visits-immigrant-detention-12987603.php?ipid=hpctp.

And then there is this:

About the Event

Jimmy Kimmel will face off with Ted Cruz one on one this Saturday, 5:00PM at Texas Southern University! Tough questions will be asked, ring ball will be played, and Kimmel will interview Cruz live on the court. They’re playing for two charities – Generation One and Texas Children’s Hospital. All attendees are invited to donate to the cause of their choice using the links provided at http://www.kimmelvscruz.com. Come see Jimmy and Ted face off one-on-one to benefit a pair of great Houston charitable organizations!

Show your support for Jimmy by using the promo code #TEAMKIMMEL when you request your tickets. To show your support for Senator Cruz, use the promo code #TEAMCRUZ

Is this a Ted Cruz campaign event? You know, one of those tightly controlled events. Can anyone can attend? If it is open to anyone, feel free to head over there and ask Sen. Cruz about separating families.

In looking at the early results of the AL All Star team voting, it looks like Jose Altuve may be the only sure bet starter. Carlos Correa might have a shot. I need to see the next round of voting. I don’t think #SpringerDinger can crack the top three outfielders in Mookie Betts, Mike Trout and Aaron Judge.

16 MLB pitchers of course have struck out 3,000 plus hitters.

We have now won 6 in a row. We have the best roadie record in MLB. We have the best run differential. We are 18 games above .500. But we are a half game behind the Mariners and trail the Red Sox and Yankees by 3.

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