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My Good Deed

Commentary was down a little last night because we had the best record in the NBA and are now eliminated. We brought in CP3 to help us win it all and he didn’t get to play our last two games. I looked at the bright side last night. The ‘Stros are playing pretty good baseball.

We are done with about a third of the season. Name the MLB pitcher with the most strikeouts?

I guess they didn’t show this on TV because we had the game on and I didn’t see it. Commentary is talking about that vile bag of sh_t who was once the Mayor of New York City. Check this tweet:

Adrian Carrasquillo‏Verified account @Carrasquillo

At Yankee stadium: “The Yankees wish a happy birthday to former Mayor Rudy Giuliani.” Thunderous boos rained across the stadium.

And this from SB Nation:

Is this the definitive point when Rudy Giuliani realized he can’t enjoy the pleasures of New York City the way he used to? The former mayor and NYC golden boy took himself out to the ballgame on Monday afternoon, settling in to watch the Yankees lose to the Astros with a few thousand other people who stayed in town for Memorial Day Weekend.

When the Yankee Stadium PA announced it was Giuliani’s birthday, instead of a round of applause Giuliani got roundly booed. Vehemently booed. Embarrassingly booed.

All I can say is that bag of you know what must have lost it. Why would he give up all that goodwill for someone like Donald Trump? Yankee fans gave him what he deserved.

I don’t have anything to say about Trump and his Memorial Day tweet about himself.

Justin Verlander also got booed at Yankee Stadium, but it was a way kinder, gentler, respectful booing.

Yesterday, I dropped by a grocery store in Baytown and as I got out of my ride, I noticed in the middle of the parking lot a black wallet. I looked around, picked it up and stuck it in my back pocket. I didn’t really check it out other than to notice there was a wad of bills in it. I went into the store and did my business and went back to my ride.

I scanned the parking lot and noticed a fella of the Latino persuasion looking around the parking lot and even looking under a few cars as if he were looking for something. I opened the wallet and pulled out the Texas drivers license and saw that it belonged to a fella of the African American persuasion at a Baytown street address. A credit card name matched the name on the license.

I decided I would take the wallet to my Dad’s and maybe google the individual or maybe drive to the address. As I was pulling out of the parking lot I saw an African American walking through the lot entering the store. I really couldn’t catch a facial glimpse of the fella. I decided to wait for a few minutes by the exit in my ride. A couple of minutes later the fella walked out and he resembled the photo on the license. I pulled up to him, rolled down the window and asked for his name. He responded correctly to the name on the license and I followed up by asking for his address and again he answered correctly. I then handed him his wallet, he thanked me and looked very relieved.

That’s it. That’s my good deed. Next wallet I find I will probably count the bills.

‘Stros pitcher Gerrit Cole leads MLB pitchers with 109 strikeouts of course.

The AL West is much better this season. That explains why we only lead the Mariners by one game.

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