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What was the big news in MLB 14 years ago today?

Over the past three decades, Commentary has been involved in passing a few HISD school bond elections. I kind of know what it takes to get bonds approved by the voters. That is why I was kind of somewhat taken aback with what I read on the front page of the Chron this morning. Here is how the article by Jacob Carpenter starts:

Administrators on Thursday recommended Houston ISD seek voter approval for a $1.7 billion capital projects bond in May 2019, charging forward with long-term spending plans even as the district faces uncertainty about its leadership and ability to maintain local control over decision-making.

District leaders said the $1.7 billion bond would finance much-needed rebuilding of 18 existing elementary and middle schools, construction of three new campuses, security upgrades at all 280-plus schools and the purchase of new buses, among other costs. HISD administrators said it was unclear whether the proposed bond package would result in a tax increase, saying they will have a better idea when the Harris County Appraisal District finalizes property values in August.

HISD trustees would have to approve a measure to send the bond referendum to voters, with board members likely making a decision in late 2018 or early 2019. If approved, the bond would be HISD’s first since 2012, when 67 percent of voters backed a $1.89 billion package.

The 2019 proposal, however, could meet more resistance than usual amid ongoing upheaval in the district.

No s_it!

Here is the entire article: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Amid-tumult-Houston-ISD-leadership-pitches-1-7B-12924023.php.

To get an HISD bond election passed, you basically have to have your house in order. You have to demonstrate sound leadership over at HISD. You have to have a strong superintendent who can effectively communicate the need for school bonds. The Board of Education pretty much needs to be unified. You have to demonstrate that you have been prioritizing spending.   You have to show that you properly spent the bonds from the last bond election. Most importantly, you have to have buy-in from the business community, parents, teachers and taxpayers.

Let’s see where HISD is today.

We are under a threat of a TEA takeover of our school district where the HISD trustees could be replaced by a board of managers.

We don’t have a permanent superintendent, just an acting one.  Can you even name her?

A number of high ranking administrators are jumping ship.

The district is fixing to fire a number of employees because of budget cuts.

We had to add money to the last bond program.

A number of community activists are calling for the resignation of the current Board President.

An HISD trustee has called for the resignation of the current Board President.

We really don’t have a plan to satisfy TEA requirements on fixing the failing schools. Asking for a waiver or an extension isn’t a plan.

You get the picture. Enough said. It is a long way to Tipperary!

Commentary was checking out the HGLBTPC PAC card of endorsed Dem Primary run-off candidates and they have Mike Collier listed for Lieutenant Governor. He won the Dem Primary this past March with 52% of the vote.

I saw this tweet yesterday:

Everytown‏Verified account @Everytown 1d1 day ago

June 1 is National Gun Violence Awareness Day. Participate in #WearOrange Weekend to show the strength of the gun violence prevention movement and honor the lives of those affected by gun violence.

There certainly will be a ton of folks wearing orange at The Yard that first weekend in June when we host the Red Sox.

On May 18, 2004, D-Backs pitcher Randy Johnson tossed a perfecto against The ATL in The ATL’s crib of course. The Big Unit was 40 years old at the time.

This weekend we have a Sunday night game at The Yard against Cleveland that will air on ESPN. The June 3 Sunday night game against the Red Sox at The Yard will also air on ESPN.  Cool!

Vote Early in Person today, please!

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