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The big news in MLB last night was Justin Verlander striking out batter number 2,500. Who will be the next pitcher to reach the 2,500 strikeout milestone?

In 2014, Gov. Greg Abbott won Harris County with 51.4% of the vote. Only a political fool would say he is going to carry Harris County in November. His response to Harvey has been disappointing at best. Here is the latest from Mike Morris and the Chron:

Gov. Greg Abbott blasted the city of Houston for its response to Hurricane Harvey Wednesday, critiquing what he described as a lack of sound financial planning and sluggish progress repairing flooded homes.

The governor’s assessment, which he delivered in two terse letters Wednesday, was prompted by a request Mayor Sylvester Turner, Harris County Judge Ed Emmett and 55 other Gulf Coast mayors and county judges sent Abbott on Tuesday, requesting state help meeting the local match for a key federal disaster mitigation program.

And this:

(Harris County Judge Ed) Emmett said he was taken aback by Abbott’s letter to Turner.

“The tone of the governor’s letter is troublesome, and I don’t think it recognizes reality. All of us are merely seeking to speed up recovery and to take the burden off local taxpayers,” Emmett said. “Why that deserves a lecture I don’t know.”

Here is the entire article: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Abbott-criticizes-Houston-s-Harvey-response-12920659.php.

A couple of things on this. What is going on in the Governor’s brain for responding like this? We are still in response mode in these parts and elected official folks need to be working together.  Why become divisive on this? Why the attacks? Where are you going with this? Who are you mad at?

Secondly, will Judge Emmett tell us if he is going to vote for Gov. Abbott this November? I know, I know. Judge Emmett has a bond election he wants to pass in August and he probably doesn’t want to upset the way far right wing Abbott supporters, but at some point, he kind of owes it to all of us who went through Harvey if he intends to vote for a Governor who has hoarded over a $10 billion plus Rainy Day Fund that could have alleviated some of the misery around here. At some point, Emmett has to fess up and tell us who he is supporting for Governor.

On a related note, as far as this part of the state is concerned, Andrew White has pretty much proven that he would be far much better at going after Gov. Abbott on Abbott’s handling of Harvey. It would not hurt Democrats to have someone who went through the Harvey mess leading the ticket. That’s politics, baby!

On another related note, I wonder how GOPers running countywide here in Harris County are feeling?

Oh yeah, let’s not forget Donald Trump calling Latino immigrants animals.

Bartolo Colon of course is sitting on 2,486 strikeouts so he should be the next to reach 2,500.

We are 28-17 with a 2 game lead in the AL West and the third best record in MLB and only 12-10 at The Yard.  Let that sink in for a moment.

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