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Today is special.

Marisol Valero will become a U.S. Citizen by noon today! How about that!

I will be there watching. Anna Eastman will also be there.

It has been a remarkable journey for Marisol and I am glad and honored that she shared a small part of it with me.

Marisol is sharp, smart and articulate. She speaks her mind. I can always count on her to give me the unvarnished and honest take. She is never shy about asking questions.

She is the future of this town. She is one of our young leaders.

We have worked on a few political campaigns together.

We have gone together to quite a few ballgames at The Yard over the years including the last couple of Opening Days.

She is one of my favorites to hang with at The Yard. We are never short of interesting conversational topics – from baseball, politics, current events and family. And yes, Jose Altuve is her favorite ‘Stro of course.

I am really looking forward to her joining the tradition with Beth Arnold and me and voting Early in Person in every future election then having lunch. Marisol has been to a couple of our lunches in elections past. Now she will join us as a voter. It looks like the county flood bonds in August will be our first.

I have been proud of Marisol and what she has accomplished, and it has always been a pleasure to introduce her to family, friends, and clients. Folks really like Marisol.

Today is her day and I’m delighted she invited me to her citizenship ceremony!

Congratulations Marisol Valero! U.S. Citizen! Voter!

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