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Every now and then, Commentary mentions the Mendoza Line when it comes to MLB players hitting below .200 like 3 current ‘Stros. Who is the Mendoza Line named after and which MLB clubs did he play for?

This will be my first Mother’s Day without my Mom.   It happens, I guess.

I don’t know if it is because of the Donald Trump effect, but folks want their voices heard by elected officials these days and it looks like people matter.

A few hundred people showed up at yesterday’s HISD’s Board of Education meeting and a number of speakers demanded the resignation of Board President Rhonda Skillern-Jones over her handling of last month’s Board meeting.

To Rhonda’s credit, she had this to say in an interview before the meeting:

“That meeting was not indicative of who I am or where my heart lies. I hope there’s room for forgiveness. I hope there is an opportunity to be able to give this work what I have left to give.”

Not many elected officials would say what she said.

To be fair, there were some folks who spoke in support of Rhonda last night.

The Chron E-Board today has this to say about Rhonda and the Board. Here is the end of their take:

For as long as she (Skillern-Jones) continues to lead, she and other board members must ensure there are always plenty of chairs available, that limits imposed on speakers are reasonable, that open meetings law is followed, that armed HISD officers do not manhandle or intimidate and that everyone who wants to participate in rebuilding HISD is regarded with respect.

Parents and community members, no matter how rowdy or passionate, are the HISD board’s best allies in its struggle to improve the district. If the board continues to treat them as adversaries, don’t be surprised when they call for someone else to be put in charge.

Here is the entire E-Board take: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/editorials/article/Failing-conduct-for-HISD-trustees-Editorial-12905706.php.

On a related note, here is from the Chron today on last night’s Board meeting and if more people start thinking like this, we may be in trouble:

“Quite frankly, it appears to the public that HISD has no idea what it’s doing, and it’s no exaggeration that a large percentage of the people I come across as a parent are deciding whether to stay in HISD,” Amy Maddux, the mother of two eighth-grade students in the district, said during Thursday’s meeting.

People matter in the Katy ISD. The Katy superintendent who was accused of past bullying is a goner at the end of the year. Some folks who came forward earlier this year can take credit for sending him to the showers. Now the Board is bringing in a law firm to go after the people that matter. They need to hire a law firm to figure out how they missed the past bullying during the vetting process. They also really just need to move forward and acknowledge that people matter.

Commentary has mentioned the City of H-Town revenue cap lately. The H-Town Mayor has. Kuffer, Bill King and others, too.

This is a good time to remind folks that this was a policy approved by the voters in 2004. Remember, there were two rev cap proposals on the ballot that year. One received 64% and the other 56%. The one with 64% took effect – it got like 278,000 votes, not chump change. That’s more folks than voted in the last Mayoral election. Some voters voted against both. Got it?

This would be fun. Commentary is talking about H-Town hosting the Democratic National Convention in 2020. We would be the center of the universe for a week. Cool!

The Rangers first started playing in their current crib in 1994. They will be playing in their new crib with AC and a retractable roof in 2020. Hey, the voters in Arlington in 2016 said they wanted a new crib. It’s about time they get a retractable roof with AC.

The D-Backs started playing in their crib in 1998. It is located in Downtown Phoenix. I saw the ‘Stros play there in 2001 and it was Ok I guess. I didn’t have any complaints, but it doesn’t compare to the new era parks like The Yard, PNC in Pittsburgh or AT&T in San Francisco. New Busch is better, so is Camden in B-More and so is Safeco in Seattle.

It looks like the D-Backs are going to get a new crib by 2022 even though they have a lease that runs through 2027 at their current crib. The D-Backs front office claims that their current crib needs a lot of work and they want the local county government who owns the crib to pay for repairs to the tune of $130 million plus. The local county government said no so they worked out a deal where the D-Backs can go find them a new crib in the area and get out of their lease early.

As far as The Yard is concerned, they spent a ton of dough refurbishing the old Tal’s Hill area and that part of the stadium is now always buzzing with activity and it looks to be very popular with the fans. The Yard is still very comfortable inside, and nothing seems to be wearing down and falling apart.

Last year, the owner of the team opened two nice restaurants right across the street from The Yard. New residential housing has sprung up in recent years across the street and the down the street from The Yard. That whole part of Downtown looks a kazillion times different than it did in March of 2000 when The Yard first opened. Enough said.

Mario Mendoza of course is the source of the Mendoza Line and he played for the Pirates, Mariners and Rangers from 1974-1982 and had a career batting average of .215. Mendoza played in the 1974 NLCS and batted – what else – .200.

The Rangers are in town for three this weekend.

Have a safe and happy Mother’s Day weekend!

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