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HISD Again

Who leads MLB with most innings pitched this morning?

In case you wanted to know, Germany signed an unconditional surrender at Allied headquarters in France 73 years ago today.

Commentary’s guess is as good as yours as to what is going to save our failing schools and prevent a state takeover of HISD. Here are parts of yesterday’s take by the Chron E-Board with my comments for your review:

Parents have demonstrated an impressive passion for and patience with HISD. Many families waited more than two hours as board members convened in executive session during the now-infamous HISD meeting that resulted in arrests and community members booted from the district administration building. Parents will have to keep up that engagement and advocacy if HISD is to rescue its improvement-required campuses and remain a viable option for all Houston children.

The HISD board needs to start working hand-in-hand with these parents. That means transparency in its plans, listening to parents and students — even if they go over their allotted time during public comments — and putting an end to internal squabbling.

HISD really hasn’t tried this before. Commentary is talking about listening to the parents and working with them.

And this:

The business and nonprofit community also has an opportunity to help provide guidance and resources.

You know how I feel about the business community collectively. They have failed us by not confronting the GOP state leadership on behalf of funding for our schools.

And this:

It would be an easy way out of this mess if Mike Morath, commissioner of TEA, had the manpower and the resources to rescue our kids while Houstonians applaud from the sidelines.

This won’t work and has not worked because they don’t have the resources or wherewithal.  What would they do differently?

Here is the entire disappointing take: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/editorials/article/Don-t-give-up-on-HISD-Editorial-12890026.php.

Why disappointing? Commentary has said it before. Like it or not, the Houston Federation of Teachers were huge players in the last HISD Trustee elections and they should not be discounted. They need to be at the table and I hope the E-Board recognizes this one day soon. The should have gotten a major mention in yesterday’s take.  Like it or not.

I have to hand it to the Donald Trump legal team. The strategy of blowing up stuff is working. Bringing in Rudy Giuliani to unload grenade after grenade was genius. It has everyone all over the map. It certainly doesn’t help out the GOP’s prospects this November but that is not the goal of the Trump strategy. Their goal is to save Trump’s arse from the Robert Mueller investigation.

Don’t bother to ask Commentary why Stormy Daniels went on SNL.

I couldn’t find the obits in the today’s hard copy of the Chron unless they moved them again.

Justin Verlander of course leads MLB pitchers with 53 and 2/3 innings pitched and he also has a 1.17 ERA.

We can talk about the blown call yesterday that I watched, or we can talk about the inconsistent hitting. I know it is only May 7 and we have a lot of baseball left, but still.

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