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This individual who is no longer with us has a bridge named after him and is one of the founders of the Houston chapter of the Baseball Writers’ Association of America. Who am I talking about?

Everyone knows Commentary is from Baytown. Everyone should know that my 94-year old Dad still lives there, and I go spend a whole lot of time with him. I am familiar with the Kroger and HEB on Garth Road. With the Food Town and El Toro on Decker. And with Going’s BBQ on North Main and Amegy Bank on Rollingwood to name a few.

My attention was caught when the Chron’s Matt Schwartz put out a few funny tweets yesterday on Baytown on a destination where folks are taking selfies. Here are his tweets:

Matt Schwartz‏ @SchwartzChron

Wait. Baytown has a tourism department? https://www.houstonchronicle.com/neighborhood/baytown-news/article/Baytown-is-the-newest-selfie-spot-in-the-Houston-12882030.php?src=hp_totn&utm_campaign=twitter-premium&utm_source=CMS%20Sharing%20Button&utm_medium=social … #hounews


This is a city whose slogan is “Baytown: Where oil and water really do mix.” Seriously.


Baytown has a winery! http://yepezvineyard.com

Here is the Chron story:

A mundane alleyway in Baytown has transformed into a colorful art installation, a new addition city officials hope will draw visitors and boost residents’ pride in their community.

Called the “Better Block,” the city-owned alley is now home to a floating umbrella canopy, casting colorful shade across the small, newly cleaned up area.

Baytown Tourism coordinator Anna Yowell said a mural is also in progress on one of the walls. The art is a project of Lee College students. The mural, promoting local ecology, will eventually cover all three walls.

The Better Block, located at 124 W. Texas, is part of a larger public art program launched by the Baytown Tourism Division in partnership with the city, the Art League of Baytown, Lee College Art Department and Sterling Municipal Library.

Here is the entire article: https://www.chron.com/neighborhood/baytown-news/article/Baytown-is-the-newest-selfie-spot-in-the-Houston-12882030.php?ipid=hpctp.

W. Texas Avenue is not too far from my Dad’s. I drive by that alley a lot.

Commentary doesn’t knock Baytown. I have family and friends there. About the only thing I can complain about is the traffic on Garth Road at certain times of the day and the five o’clock traffic on the spur trying to get on I-10 West to come home. I just learn how to deal with it.

I will say this. Baytown’s public library is a couple of blocks from my Dad’s, so it is not in the part of Baytown that has experienced the most growth. The library is open on Sunday afternoons which you can’t say about a single City of H-Town library. You drive by the Baytown library on a Sunday afternoon and the parking lot is always full.

Baytown is also a big driver of the region’s economy. The Baytown ExxonMobil refinery is the largest refinery in the country.  It is also three blocks or so from my Dad’s house.

Mayor Bob Lanier was from Baytown. Actor Gary Busey was born in then Goose Creek which is now Baytown. (I wonder if Willie Geist knows this.) Actress Renee Zellweger lived in Baytown for a while. Screenwriter and Texas Monthly co-founder William Broyles, Jr. was raised in Baytown. And drum roll please, former Bexar County Commissioner Tom Stolhandske is from Baytown.

The flick “Hellfighters” with John Wayne, Katherine Ross, Vera Miles and Jim Hutton was partially filmed in Baytown in the late 1960s.

Matt Schwartz tweeted at me yesterday to let me know his wife is from Baytown, so there.

Commentary went to Sterling High School in Baytown. For those who don’t know, Ross Sterling was a co-founder of Humble Oil and Refining which became Exxon and he was also a former Governor of Texas.

I went to Sterling as a freshman when it first opened and next month we are having a reunion for all the students who were part of that first group of students who attended that first year – the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. We didn’t have any seniors because they didn’t want the Lee High School students who were now zoned to Sterling to spend their final year in high school at another school – got it?

The Baytown school district is the Goose Creek Consolidated Independent School District. Yes, there is a Goose Creek and it runs a half block from my Dad’s house. Lee High School, which is across from Goose Creek, has the Gander as their mascot. A Gander is an adult male goose.

Sterling got a Ranger. And the newer Memorial High got a Patriot.

And, yes, the Chron is delivered to Baytown and my Dad reads it all while having his coffee first thing in the morning.

Last but certainly not least, a part of Baytown is in State Senate District 6.

Kuffer has atake on the City of H-Town revenue cap and here is how Kuffer ends:

It’s depressing to me that people have come to believe the BS about this stupid policy, which was imposed on Houston and basically noplace else by the usual gang of governmental nihilists, but propaganda does work. I’d love to see an all-out assault on the revenue cap, marshaling all the arguments about how it undercuts the city’s ability to prosper from economic growth and how it forces budget priorities on us whether we want them or not, but I recognize that this would be a tough fight against a wealthy and motivated opponent, which we could lose. It’s a fight we can engage another day, perhaps when the climate has changed enough. In the meantime, we all know that budgets can be flexible, and money is often fungible. Even earmarking extra revenue in this fashion makes the budget more manageable. If it’s the best we can do, then let’s do it.

Here is all of Kuffer: http://offthekuff.com/wp/?p=86030.

Here is what Commentary tells the one or two folks who actually listen to Commentary on local public policy. It is a tough sell to remove the rev cap because it is about property taxes and for the last few years, property taxes have been getting a bad rap from all sides of the political spectrum. Got it?

If you are of the Latino persuasion, growing up you probably have had more than your share of encounters with La Chancla. I certainly did with my Mom and grandmother. So, I got a kick out of this story in the SA Express News:

Seemingly innocent sandals hold a feared meaning for many who remember how bad behavior warranted use of the “la chancla.”

Now it seems as if many Latinos are taking back the power from the formidable flip flop. La chancla recently became the motif for Missions Baseball’s alternate name and now it’s the theme for a Mother’s Day makeup look.

Leslie Garza, from San Antonio, says makeup is her hobby. While brainstorming content for her Facebook and Instagram pages, she came up with the idea to incorporate her childhood enemy, la chancla, into a Mother’s Day-themed eyeshadow design.

The 22-year-old spent about two hours perfecting her look, which included hues of purple on her lids and outlines of tiny sandals. She used products by NYX Cosmetics, Revlon and Maybelline.

“It might seem simple, but it was not,” Garza said.

Garza’s inspiration, her mother Imelda Gonzalez, was amused by the ode.

“She was just laughing, she said ‘you’re so crazy, why would you put that out there,'” Garza said. “I told her ‘you’re not the only one,’ she thought it was funny that I represented her like that.”

Many of Garza’s Facebook and Instagram followers agreed — her mom wasn’t the only one who enforced strict rules with the force of la chancla. She asked them to share the most-memorable parenting quotes they heard while growing up.

“Hay comida en las casa,” or “There’s food at home,” was a popular mention.

Garza used photo-editing tools to add her mother’s usual talking-to, “Mi casa no es hotel,” to her finished product.

Go check out the chancla photo here: https://www.mysanantonio.com/lifestyle/article/San-Antonio-woman-incorporates-La-Chancla-for-12881867.php.

Former Baytown Sun editor and publisher Fred Hartman was one of the founders of the Houston chapter of the Baseball Writers’ Association of America and that huge arse bridge that spans the ship channel on Highway 146 in Baytown/La Porte has his name of course.

Commentary has nothing to say about getting shutout two games in a row by the Yankees. We play them again this afternoon at The Yard.

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