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We are 9-2 just like our 1972 start. Have we ever started out at 10-2?

Cong. Beto O’Rourke said yesterday he would vote to impeach Donald Trump but thinks we need to wait for the Special Counsel to finish up his work before an impeachment vote is taken. That prompted a GOP consultant to tweet that just like that, Beto’s 5% chance of winning just evaporated. That’s hilarious!

On the day the feds raided the offices of Trump’s thug lawyer.

Beto has an enthusiastic following because he’s the real deal. The real deals don’t duck impeachment questions. That is why folks like this guy. He’s not giving you a political correct response. He’s calling it like it is.

The GOP leadership in Congress refuses to second guess Trump and his behavior. The only thing out there is the Special Counsel. It makes it easy for Beto to state his case on this.

This U.S. Senate race is being closely watched in part because a lot of people genuinely don’t like Sen. Ted Cruz. Cruz is a guy that Trump ridiculed for over a year. Remember “Lying Ted Cruz”? Cruz is not likeable, he never will be.

In Commentary’s book, with seven months to go before the election, it is a risky strategy to defend Trump and his actions. Don’t count on Beto to duck this question. Why should he?

Check out these tweets from the past few days:

Carol Alvarado‏ @RepAlvarado145

Apr 7Thx 2 @mfolhouston & @RiceUniversity for hosting one heck of a panel on gun control. Proud of the students who organized it. We don’t need more blah blah, or #txlege committees to study, we need ACTION! @harrisdemocrats @texasdemocrats @PromesaPAC @MomsDemand


Gail Delaughter‏ @Gail_HPM

2h2 hours ago“People don’t want to hear studies anymore.” says Houston Mayor @SylvesterTurner. “They want to see us taking action.” His remarks on flood mitigation before House Homeland Security Committee @HPMNews887 @HoustonPubMedia #harvey

No more studies. Action, please. Coincidence.

This reminds me of the ‘Stros. When we have a few players who should be on the 25 man roster but we don’t have room so the front office says it is a good problem to have. Same can be said about the two candidates for the Dem nomination in the Seventh.  It is a good problem to have.  See this from the Chron:

WASHINGTON – On paper, there is little to separate attorney Lizzie Pannill Fletcher and writer-activist Laura Moser, the two Democrats vying in Houston’s 7th Congressional District primary run-off battle next month.

They’re both women who favor abortion rights, first-time candidates with deep roots in Democratic politics. Both grew up in Houston political families and attended St. John’s School, an elite college preparatory academy on the city’s affluent west side.

But they’re sharply divided over how to unseat nine-term Republican John Culberson, presenting a contrast that serves as a microcosm of the divisions within the national Democratic Party as it looks to flip two dozen seats and wrest control of the House from the GOP.

And this:

A new Moser campaign strategy memo provided to the Chronicle plays up her status as the “grassroots” candidate “not chosen by DC party insiders.”

The memo also outlines her outreach as an “authentic” voice aimed at the party’s progressive base.

“Laura represents a break away from current political establishment politics and a return to the politics of the people of Texas itself,” the memo continues. “Her non-establishment status appeals to 2018 Democratic ‘surge’ voters. Many folks are awakening to political activism for the first time.”

Fletcher’s campaign rejects the establishment label, contrasting her lifelong legal career in Houston to Moser’s move to Washington.

“Lizzie has been living and working in this community all her life, representing Houstonians from all walks of life in the courtroom, fighting on the front lines to protect Planned Parenthood and quality education for the next generation,” said Fletcher campaign manager Erin Mincberg.

Fletcher’s supporters point to her most recent fundraising, 80 percent of which came from donors in Houston. Moser has not detailed her most recent fundraising figures, but an earlier analysis by the Center for Responsive Politics showed that nearly 60 percent of her contributions came from out of state. Both campaigns have relied on Washington-based vendors and consultants.

And this:

“If you look at them on paper, they basically are 99 percent in alignment on all the issues,” said Harris County Democratic Party Chairwoman Lillie Schechter, who disputes the “establishment versus insurgent” narrative that has grown up around the run-off.

Here is the entire read: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/politics/texas/article/Democratic-runoff-foes-differ-on-best-way-to-oust-12819320.php?src=hp_totn.

Hard to argue with the Chair on this.

The ‘Stros have never started the season at 10-2 and forget the of course on this.

Let’s see. Bottom of the eighth. We are up 2 zip. The Twins load the bases with 1 out. The Skipper brings in Devo and on the first pitch a grounder is hit to Carlos Correa who steps on second base for the force out and fires to first for a double play. End of the inning and the threat.

‘Stros baseball, baby!



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