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Silly Slogan

Charlie Morton got the win for the ‘Stros last night. Name the MLB club that drafted and signed him?

Sorry. This ain’t going to hunt. Commentary is talking about Sen. Ted Cruz and his “Tough as Texas” reelection slogan. I laughed out loud when I first saw it yesterday. #BetoForTexas works. “Tough as Texas”, nope! I wonder how much they paid the consultant to come up with that one? You don’t get your arse owned by Donald Trump then claim to be “Tough as Texas.” That’s as phony as it gets.

Here is the Chron article on Sen. Cruz and his silly slogan: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/politics/us/article/Ted-Cruz-ramps-up-campaign-against-well-funded-12800611.php.

Sen. Ted Cruz is a lot of things and we all know what they are. Do you really think he is “Tough as Texas”? Stop laughing! Come on!

I have to say that things feel different at The Yard these days. The expectation game is a lot more serious. There are only two banners hanging over the outfield walls.  They moved the other ones inside the concourse. We now have World Series expectations. Commentary is good with that.

Charlie Morton of course was drafted in the third round by The ATL in the 2002 draft.

They certainly improved the magnet schedules that they gave away yesterday.  You can now read the darn things.

It was a great Opening Night last night.

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