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Everyone knows that #SpringerDinger will leadoff in Arlington on Opening Day and he will be wearing the number 4. Name the Hall of Fame great who also wore the number 4 for the ‘Stros?

Score one for the Houston Firefighters as we may well have another item on a very lengthy ballot this November. Good thing we still have straight ticket voting one last time. Here is from the Chron:

A state district judge on Tuesday ordered Houston’s city secretary to finish reviewing firefighters’ petition seeking pay parity with police, giving her until April 27 to verify the eight-month-old signatures.

Firefighters submitted a petition last July asking for a ballot referendum that, if approved by voters, would grant firefighters the same pay as police officers of corresponding rank, but City Secretary Anna Russell did not validate it in time for the November or May elections.

Leaders of the Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association sued in December, asking the court to give Russell 30 days to review the petition signatures. The firefighters need 20,000 verified signatures to get a referendum on the ballot.

The filing led to a three-hour trial last week before state District Judge Dan Hinde, who issued a ruling siding with the firefighters on Tuesday.

“The city secretary’s continuing failure to count signatures and verify the sufficiency of the pay parity petition constitutes a continuing failure to fulfill her ministerial duty,” Hinde wrote. “The city secretary has been and remains in default of her ministerial duty.”

Fire union president Marty Lancton, a plaintiff in the case, lauded Hinde’s decision.

“This is a victory for Houston firefighters and it is a victory for citizens who petitioned the city,” Lancton said in a statement. “We asserted that the city of Houston’s refusal to count the validated petitions for nearly eight months violates state law, defies the will of Houston voters and ignores the citizens’ right to petition government.”

Here is the entire read: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/article/Judge-sides-with-Houston-firefighters-orders-12768778.php.

Assuming the signatures are valid of course. How are you going to vote?

Our Dem nominee for Harris County Judge, Lina Hidalgo,  sent out an email this morning talking about her Op-Ed in today’s Chron. Here is part of her email:

“The lack of acknowledgement of the reality of our changing environment, and its man-made causes, made the greater Houston area the poster child for the consequence of ignoring science – a fact that has been nearly as destructive as Harvey itself.”   Those are my words in an op-ed published in today’s Houston Chronicle, and I mean them.   Climate change is too great of a risk to ignore. We flooded because of a history of ignoring expert opinion and research. Because only after Harvey did Ed Emmett decide that flooding was a problem — and he still refuses to accept the existence of climate change. That’s unsustainable. As I argue in the op-ed, rebuilding our community begins with acknowledging that climate change is real, so that we can implement evidence-based policies. It is also imperative that we fight for environmental justice and protect our marginalized communities. And we must understand and explore economic opportunities in addressing climate change.

Huh! I am sure Hunker Down will respond.  I always thought climate change was fact.

If we do have a blue wave here, does Hunker Down survive?

Commentary saw the following yesterday.

MEDIA ADVISORY: Elected Officials and Community Leaders to Hold Press Conference on Selection of New Superintendent

HOUSTON – Tomorrow, Wednesday, March 21 at 2PM, elected officials and community leaders will hold a press conference to call for inclusion, accountability, and transparency in the upcoming selection process for HISD’s new superintendent.   A news conference is scheduled for 2PM at the Houston Independent School District Administration Building.

WHO: Local Elected Officials, Community Leaders

WHAT: Press Conference on the selection process for HISD’s new superintendent.  

WHERE:  Houston ISD Administration Building

4400 West 18th St.                 Houston, TX 77092  

WHEN:   Tomorrow, 2PM, Wednesday, March 21

Edgar sent me this on my Beatles take the other day:


You were not specific to the genre, so, if I had to choose the Beatles song I would play for someone who had never heard of The Beatles, I   would introduce them to the Let it Be and Hey Jude versions in Salsa.

Let it Be (Singing: Tito Nieves)


Hey Jude (Singing: Tony Vega)


Take the time to listen to them. I like the ‘Let it Be” more than the ‘Hey Jude” version.

Hall of Fame great Craig Biggio of course wore the number 4 when he first made it to the ‘Stros in 1988 and put on the number 7 the following season.

Apparently, as of late yesterday afternoon, some $11,000 rings were still available.

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