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Extra Innings

In the 2017 World Series, how many games went into extra innings?

Commentary will say it again.  When Tiger is in the hunt like he is this morning, the PGA is a whole lot more fun and interesting.

I would tend to agree with the following tweet, but…..

S.E. Cupp‏Verified account @secupp 31m31 minutes ago 

Very disheartened to see many in media covering the Don Jr divorce news with glee, making jokes and memes about it. Divorce is sad and hard on kids, I speak from experience. Let’s have some sympathy and restraint.

….. but, the fella is an arsehole who promotes hate and White Supremacists, you get the picture. So, I understand why folks pile on during his difficult time.  No sympathy from me.

I have not heard of any debates being planned in the Dem runoff race for Governor. That is too bad.

Chron.com has a piece on what confuses folks from H-Town and here are my favs from the piece:

Maribel Molina, web producer

“Why did they build such a cool concert venue IN THE WOODLANDS. That is SO inconvenient.”

Like I have only been there five times or so.

Don Mason, business reporter

“Street names change for no particular reason, sometimes with a conjoined name in between: Montrose-Studemont-Studewood; Westheimer-Elgin; Richmond-Wheeler; Hillcroft-Voss-Bingle.

I live off of Studewood and when I give folks directions on how to get here I often use all three street names.

April M.

“Why is Kuykendahl said Kirkkendoll?”

Yep and don’t get me started on San Phillipe.

Phillip B.

“Moved to Houston from NYC for love. Aside for the backwards right-wing statewide politics what is the deal calling pigs in a blanket Kolaches? Really? Pigs in a blanket. Period.”

This has been covered before.

Here is all of the confusion: https://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/article/Things-that-still-confuse-some-Houstonians-6145540.php?__twitter_impression=true#item-85307-tbla-25

One that isn’t on the list.  How come there is always construction being done on one of our major freeways?

Keep it in the minors. See this:

Bill Kelly liked

Joshua‏ @josh_e21155 Mar 15

If Manfred ever tries to start extra innings with a runner on second at the major league level it’ll be a very sad day. Some pace of play experiments are simply not permissible

I agree.  I prefer extra innings games in MLB to be extra innings games. Nobody is being forced to stay and watch. If they want to go the way that fast pitch softball goes in the minors, no big deal to me because I don’t watch minor league games. Don’t ruin the MLB experience.

Game 2 of the World Series that we won 7-6 went 11 innings and Game 5 that we won 13-12 went 10 innings of course and someone needs to tell the Donald Trump folks that Game 5 was the best World Series game ever, not Game 7.

The Team Store will open at 12:01 am Monday so fans can get the new gold trimmed lids and jerseys.


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