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This Is Healthy

The ‘Stros gave Donald Trump a jersey with the number 17. Who is the best ‘Stros player ever to wear the 17?

Commentary is glad that Tiger is back. He makes the PGA so much more interesting to watch.

R.G. posted a piece yesterday about the back and forth between Lupe Valdez supporters and Andrew White supporters in the Dem Primary runoff race for the nomination for Texas Governor. Commentary thinks this is healthy. Here the beginning of the piece:

The undercurrent of the Democratic governor’s race turned into a bitter Facebook crossfire of identity politics and accusations over abortion stances this weekend between supporters of Houston businessman Andrew White and former Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez. The tone got so hostile at one point that White’s mother – former Texas first lady Linda Gale White – felt compelled to come to her son’s defense.

The debate was triggered when former state Representative Debra Danburg posted an art graphic of a party hat, confetti and a ladder on a mustard yellow background to highlight the words: Please vote for ANDREW WHITE for Governor in the Democratic runoff. During 22 years in the Legislature, Danburg was the Democratic representative for Houston’s Montrose area. The Houston Press once likened her to Davy Crockett, defending “the gay denizens of Montrose,” a state lawmaker who expanded sexual rights, who AIDS-prevention funding and passed a bill making it easier for gay and lesbian couples to adopt children. It’s also notable that she passed the state lawmaking spousal rape illegal. So it is not exactly like Danburg is from the Tory wing of the Democratic Party.

But starting Sunday afternoon and continuing into Monday, a Democratic style debate ensued after Danburg posted her plea for White on Facebook. It was like she had exposed the deep schism on the party’s left – the fight to win a statewide office for the first time in almost a quarter century versus a demand that the party serve as the unbending defender of abortion rights and identity politics. There were numerous comparisons of White to the much more charismatic Beto O’Rourke, who is running for U.S. Senate against Republican incumbent Ted Cruz.

The debate began simply enough, with Kim Okanson asking, “Why not Lupe? (Honestly asking – not trying to stir any pots.) Linda George Smith  replied, “defeat Abbott,” referring to Republican Governor Greg Abbott.

Gauntlet thrown.

“I cannot imagine anyone motivated to the polls for White,” wrote Tom Combs. “Voting for him once they get there, sure. But excited…he’s not Beto…White, just not feeling it.”

Jim Sharp replied, “Beto will not win, Beto cannot win if he is on a ticket with someone who will drag him down. Vote for Andrew.”

White personally responded to Combs by writing, “Beto was a congressman for 6 yrs, has been campaigning for over a year, and is one of the most exciting Democratic politicians from Texas in a generation = and he lost 40% of the vote to 2 people that no one has ever heard of and who spent less than $10k…statewide politics is not only about a campaign or connecting with voters (those 2 things needs to happen). It’s about mass media.”

Dallas activist Trey McAtee wrote that White reminded him of centrist Democrats Chris Bell and Bill White, both of whom lost races for governor, and he noted that White’s father – the late Governor Mark White – lost his reelection bid in 1986. Houston Democrat Noah M. Horwitz wrote back, “Because nominating liberal identity politics folks works out great! Just ask Governor (Wendy) Davis.” McAtee popped the reply, “Identity politics? I’ll take a countywide Sheriff over a VC (venture capitalist) any day of the week and twice on Sunday.”

Here is the entire R.G. article: https://www.texasmonthly.com/politics/democrats-argue-victory-and-values-in-facebook-fight-over-white-valdez/.

Commentary doesn’t know Mr. McAtee, I think. I will say I did know Governor Mark White. He was a good friend. I held a key position with his 1982 WINNING campaign for Governor when we knocked off an incumbent GOP Governor. If history serves me well, that was the last time a Dem knocked off an incumbent GOP Governor in Texas. I also served as a Special Assistant to the Governor throughout his term and worked on his reelection campaign. We lost our 1986 election because we didn’t turn chicken and high-tail it when confronted with major challenges. Go check out your history books, please.

Like Commentary said, when was the last time a Dem knocked off an incumbent GOP Governor in Texas? Maybe it runs in the genes?

I wish they made more Mark Whites these days.

All and all, the discussion is healthy to have but don’t diss my former boss.

Here is from Kuffer today:

Endorsement watch: Alvarado’s army

Mar 13th, 2018

by Charles Kuffner

Rep. Carol Alvarado has released a long list of supporters for her campaign to succeed Sen. Sylvia Garcia in SD06. This is clearly a show of strength on Alvarado’s part – the list includes the three most recent Mayors of Houston, four of her State House colleagues, Commissioner (and former Sen.) Rodney Ellis, and a bunch of other current and past office holders. One thought that struck me as I read this was a reminder that Alvarado had been the runnerup the last time SD06 came open, losing in a special election runoff to Sen. Garcia. People had a hard choice to make in that election between two very good and well-qualified candidates, and Sen. Garcia emerged victorious. People will once again have a hard choice to make in that election between two very good and well-qualified candidates, and it may be that the bulk of those who are prominent and being public about it are going to Rep. Alvarado.

That’s hardly the final word, of course. There are plenty of people not on Rep. Alvarado’s list, and I’m sure Rep. Ana Hernandez will have her own impressive cadre of supporters. In fact, later in the day Rep. Hernandez sent out this fundraiser email that touted Mayor Turner as the special guest. That email references her HD143 campaign, with no mention of SD06, but you can draw your own inferences. Like I said, both she and Rep. Alvarado are strong candidates. Rep. Alvarado’s opening salvo may have the effect of scaring off other potential candidates, but there’s no guarantee of that, as Sen. Garcia herself could testify from CD29. All I’m going to say at this time is the same as what I said the last time we had one of these elections, which is that I’m glad I was redistricted into SD15 so I don’t have to take a side myself.

Got it?

Everyone knows Commentary doesn’t like that sorry you know what who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, but I am not going to get down on the ‘Stros players for going there yesterday. Just like folks shouldn’t think less of Carlos Correa for not attending.

Here is from Jerome Solomon of the Chron today on the ‘Stros DC trip:

Their future best player hails from a tiny fishing village in Puerto Rico, where his parents had to take on extra jobs so he could play the game he loves.

(His name is Carlos Correa, and he didn’t make the trip to D.C. – the team says he had a family obligation that prevented it. Maybe his obligation was to family members affected by America’s embarrassingly insufficient response to Hurricane Maria. If so, good for him being another example of what makes America great.)

The Big Puma of course wore the number 17 during his years with the ‘Stros so go figure.

I wonder if any Dem ‘Stros fans attended the event yesterday at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Just asking.

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