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The Seventh

Commentary is skipping the MLB question today.

#TXCD7 got some run in the Chron and in Paper City the past few days. Here is from the Chron:

West University could have been the set for “Leave it to Beaver” when Serpell Edwards and his wife Betsy bought their home there 45 years ago. The neighbors were mostly white, the moms stayed at home and took care of the kids, and the politics were reliably Republican.

West U. was part of Houston’s Seventh Congressional District, which had flipped from Democrat to Republican back in 1966, when a handsome young oilman named George H.W. Bush won the seat.

“The Seventh” soon came to be considered the safest GOP district in Texas, if not all of America, dominated for almost 50 years by Bill Archer, who succeeded Bush in 1970, and the current incumbent Republican, John Culberson, who’s occupied the seat since Archer retired in 2000.

But now, as Texas is transformed by hundreds of thousands of new arrivals from other states and other countries, The Seventh has become one of the shakiest — among two dozen Republican districts nationally that Democrat Hillary Clinton carried in the 2016 election.

Democratic turnout surged in Tuesday’s primary election, spurred in part by President Donald Trump’s intense unpopularity among liberals and his seemingly limitless capacity to energize minorities, who now make up a majority of residents in The Seventh, reflecting the transformation of Texas as a whole.

“We have noticed a flood of vote Democratic signs,” said Edwards, 75. “This never happened before.”

Here is the entire Chron read: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/politics/texas/article/Diversity-powers-change-in-Houston-s-7th-12742176.php?utm_source=chron&utm_medium=linkmodule&utm_campaign=btfpm.

Here is from Paper City:

In any other year, hers might be an improbable candidacy. Now The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times-published writer finds herself in the middle of one of the most fiercely contested Congressional races in the country. Laura Moser is one of seven Democrats running for the Texas 7th (primary voting day is this Tuesday, March 6), vying to be on the ballot against Republican incumbent John Culberson this November.

Days before the election, Moser was also improbably targeted by her own party, in a rare move that smacked of back-room dealing, and brought to mind the Democratic machine’s squelching of the candidacy of Bernie Sanders during the 2016 Presidential election. This drama brought Moser even more national attention — and made her candidacy into something of a national touchpoint.

Moser grew up in Houston’s Southside Place; attended West University Elementary, St. John’s School and Amherst College, then carved out a writing career.

Hers is a literary family — mom Jane Moser presided over Brazos Bookstore.

Here is the entire Paper City read: https://www.papercitymag.com/culture/laura-moser-houston-democratic-party-attacks-congress-election/#90253.

I am sure you saw this from State Rep. Carol Alvarado today:

I am proud and honored to announce the support for our campaign for State Senator, District 6. A host of highly respected leaders representing our civic, business and political community have endorsed my candidacy. Throughout my career in public service, I have had the privilege of working with these valued community leaders to advance public policies and initiatives that have addressed the interests of all of our residents. Their endorsement of my candidacy will help me build a strong winning campaign.

Trusted Elected Officials: Hon. Lee Brown, Former Houston Mayor, Hon. Annise Parker, Former Houston Mayor,  Hon. Bill White, Former Houston Mayor,  Hon. Jessica Farrar, State Representative • Hon. Harold Dutton, State Representative Hon. Jarvis Johnson, State Representative • Hon. Gene Wu, State Representative • Hon. Rodney Ellis, Harris County Commissioner • Hon. Karla Cisneros, Houston City Council • Member Hon. Jerry Davis, Houston City Council Member • Hon. Joe Soto, Mayor, City of South Houston  • Hon. Mary Castillo, South Houston City Council Member • Hon. Louis Martinez, South Houston City Council Member • Hon. Willie Rios, South Houston City Council Member • Hon. Irene Tamayo, South Houston City Council Member  • Hon. Sammy Casados, Pasadena City Council Member • Hon. Don Harrison, Pasadena City Council Member • Hon. Bruce Leamon, Pasadena City Council Member • Hon. Felipe Villarreal, Pasadena City Council Member • Hon. Cody Ray Wheeler, Pasadena City Council Member • Hon. Rhonda Skillern-Jones, President, HISD Board of Education • Hon. Wanda Adams, HISD Trustee • Hon. Diana Davila, HISD Trustee • Hon. Eva Loredo, HCC Trustee • Hon. Adrianna Tamez, HCC Trustee • Hon. Alan Rosen, Harris County Constable• Hon. Silvia Trevino, Harris County Constable • Hon. Chris Bell, Former Congressman • Hon. Al Luna, Former State Representative • Hon. Diana Davila Martinez, Former State Representative • Hon. Roman Martinez, Former State Representative • Hon. Rick Noriega, Former State Representative • Hon. Krisit Thibaut, Former State Representative • Hon. Carol Galloway, Former Houston City Council Member • Hon. Sue Lovell, Former Houston City Council Member • Hon. Melissa Noriega, Former Houston City Council Member • Hon. Gordan Quan, Former Houston City Council Member • Hon. James Rodriguez, Former Houston City Council Member • Hon. Graciela Saenz, Former Houston City Council Member  • Hon. Ornaldo Ybarra, Former Pasadena City Council Member • Hon. Abel Davila, Former HCC Trustee • Hon. Billy Kelley, Former South Houston City Council Member • Hon. Anna Eastman, Former HISD Trustee.

Senate District 6 Democratic Precinct Chairs: Yolanda Alvarado, Pct. 218 • David Alamia, Jr., Pct. 45 • Virginia Bazan, Pct. 591 • Freddy Blanco, Pct. 72 • Maria Bolanos, Pct. 221 • Rachel Cardenas, Pct. 65 • Charles Carter, Pct. 93 • Elizabeth Cocina, Pct. 67 • Cheryl Curtis, Pct. 302 • Maria Gonzalez, Pct. 36 • Annabella Gutierrez, Pct. 381 • George Hernandez, Pct. 526 • Kevin Hoffman, Pct. 207 • Michael Hinojosa, Pct. 11 • Tijuana Hunter, Pct. 605 • Willie Hunter, Pct. 497 • Carolyn Jones, Pct. 150 • Andrew Lopez, Pct. 211 • Michael Maddi, Pct. 277 • Matthew Maliel, Pct. 166 • Zachery Martin, Pct. 849 • Al Martinez, Sr., Pct. 206 • Eugene Mendoza, Pct. 664 • Patricia Minor, Pct. 2 •   Anselmo Munoz, Pct. 766 • Andrea Murray, Pct. 325 • Ray Paige, Pct. 930 • Richard Ochoa, Pct. 105 • Christian Patino, Pct. 61 • Mary Phillips, Pct. 740 • Rosendo Ramos, Pct. 172 • Ruben Rendon, Pct. 308 • David Robles, Pct. 79 • Natividad Rodriguez, Pct. 69 • Reynaldo Rodriguez, Pct. 1 • Veronica Sanches, Pct. 241 • Miah Seraj, Pct. 755 • Lillian Sexton, Pct. 279 • Johnny Tamayo, Pct. 29 • Ima Turner, Pct. 118 •LaTonya Whittington, Pct. 320 • Holly Williams, Pct. 329 • Belinda Ybarra, Pct. 154 • Fernando Zamarripa, Pct. 261.

Community Partners: Tilman Fertitta • Kase Lawal, Former Port Commissioner • Ambassador Arthur Schechter • Michael Skelly & Anne Whitlock • Lenora Sorola-Pohlman, Former Vice Chair, Texas Democratic Party • Dario Arellano • Ericka Bagwell • Chris & Judy Berno • Gordon Bethune • Blanca Blanco • Christina Cabral • Tony Campos • Chris Canonico • Richard Cantu • Dr. Dorothy Caram • Cindy Clifford • Dr. Edgar Colon • Sergio & Tiffany Davila • Yvette De La Fuente & Armando Diaz • Tony Diaz • Lucy De La Fuente & Frank Rodriguez • Marilu & Solomon De La Fuente • Arturo Eureste • Gayle Fallon • Richard Farias • Jerry Flores • Ramiro Fonseca • Dr. Terence Fontaine • Nene Foxhall & Steve Jetton • Nelly Fraga • Cindy Gallegos • Melissa Gallegos • Teresa Gallegos Manuel “Munger” Gaitan • Giovanni Garibay • Irma Diaz Gonzalez & Roberto Gonzalez • Rusty Hardin • John Hernandez • Jessica Hulsey • Janiece Longoria • Johnny Mata • Drayton McLane, Jr. • Robert Miller • Christina Morales • Terry Morales • Sally Morin • John Nau • Christian Navarro • Ken Olive • Theresa Padilla • Mary Ramos • Janie & Frumencio Reyes • Jessica Rossman • Marty Stein • Robert Tijerina • Delphina Torres • Ray Valdez • Marisol Valero • Mary Vargo •Johnny Villarreal • Javier & Gloria Zenteno.

Got it?

The ‘Stros are going to DC today.

MLB returns to The Yard two weeks from this evening.

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