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Last Day of EV

Today is Texas Independence Day! If you don’t know what happened on March 2, 1836, well, google it, then.

Here is a gimme for you. Who wears the numero 2 for the ‘Stros?

From Keir:

After 10 days in Harris County – Dem in person vote is 306% of 2014 turnout, total vote with VBM is 289% of 2014 turnout. #TexasPrimaries

After 10 days in Harris County – GOP in person vote is 110% of 2014 turnout, total vote with VBM is 111% of 2014 total. #TexasPrimaries

More Total 2018 Vote – in person + VBM – in Harris County after ten days: 68,876 Ds, 66,146 Rs. In 2014? 23,844 Ds, 59,711 Rs. Ds entire 2014 turnout (early, mail & e-day): 53,788 Rs entire 2014 turnout (early, mail & e-day): 139,703 #TexasPrimaries

With 1 day remaining in Early Voting in the 2018 primaries here in Harris County, 52,344 Dems have showed up in person. 47,298 GOPer have voted in person. 16,532 Dems have voted by mail, GOPers 18,848. The Dem campaigns and the Dem Party better start calling those 16,000 folks or so that have mail ballots and tell them to send them in. With 1 day left, in the 2016 Dem Primary here in Harris County, 53,302 had voted in person and 12,152 had mailed in their ballot. In the GOP Primary in 2016, with 1 day left, 79,276 had voted in person and 18,876 by mail.

Dem voter intensity?

This is an interesting article from the Chron and here is how it starts:

A record number of Latino candidates are on the local ballot for Tuesday’s primary election, a dramatic shift in a county where 40 percent of the population is Hispanic but none has been elected to the highest leadership positions.

Today, there are no Hispanics on the commissioners court and no Latino congressional members, though a district on Houston’s east side was specifically drawn in 1992 to elect a Hispanic. And no Latinos have been elected county judge or Houston mayor.

But times appear to be changing.

A flock of newcomers — many under the age of 40 — has joined a group of political veterans on the ballot, driving up the number of Hispanic candidates in the Democratic and Republican primaries by more than 40 percent, from 31 to at least 53 candidates compared to the last midterm election in 2014.

The numbers even beat the 47 Hispanics on the ballot in Harris County in 2016, a presidential election year that typically draws more candidates, according to a Chronicle review of candidates since 2010 with Hispanic surnames.

They say they are energized by the President Donald J. Trump’s divisive rhetoric from the 2016 presidential election and his subsequent focus on the border wall, restrictive immigration reform and the deportation of undocumented immigrants, all of which hit close to home in Houston’s Latino neighborhoods. Trump’s election also sent a message to aspiring candidates that even a political neophyte can win.

“There is tremendous energy going on this year,” said Lina Hidalgo, a 27-year-old Stanford University graduate running as the lone Democrat looking to challenge incumbent Republican County Judge Ed Emmett.

“The election of Donald Trump, his rhetoric, his attacks on immigrants elevated a toxic and divisive national discourse and took the focus away from really crucial issues affecting our communities.”

Here is the entire read: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/More-Latinos-than-ever-are-running-as-candidates-12721268.php.

Si se puede!

Commentary doesn’t have much to say about George P. Bush going all in with Donald Trump other than to say he doesn’t want to be low energy.

Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty will hand out the Best Picture Oscar Sunday night again in a Mulligan move of sorts.

Everyone knows that Alex Bregman of course wears the numero 2.

Everybody Commentary knows Votes Early in Person – I think! I don’t think I know anyone who waits until Election Day – I think.

Go Vote Early Today!

One month from today, Opening Day at The Yard!

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