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Dem Intensity Factor

If Norway wins the most medals, I wonder if Donald Trump will invite them over to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

The ‘Stros play their first Spring Training game today against the Nationals. Who was the last ‘Stro to bat in Game 7 of the 2017 World Series?

These tweets came out last night:

Keir Murray‏@houtopia 4h4 hours ago

After 3 days in Harris County – Dem in person vote up 258% over 2014, total vote with VBM up 255%. #TexasPrimaries

Keir Murray‏@houtopia 4h4 hours ago


After 3 days in Harris County – GOP in person vote up 14% over 2014, total vote with VBM up 8%. #TexasPrimaries

Keir Murray‏@houtopia 3h3 hours ago

Total 2018 Vote – in person + VBM – in Harris County after three days: 18,537 Ds, 22,339 Rs. In 2014? 7,236 Ds, 20,742 Rs. #TexasPrimaries

After Day 3 of Early Voting in the 2018 primaries here in Harris County, 10,786 Dems have showed up in person. 10,781 GOPer have voted in person. 7,641 Dems have voted by mail, GOPers 11,558. The Dem campaigns and the Dem Party better start calling those 24,000 folks or so that have mail ballots and tell them to send them in. Through Day 3, in the 2016 Dem Primary here, 10,231 had voted in person and 8,167 had mailed in their ballot. On the GOP Primary in 2016, after Day 3, 14,849 had voted in person and 11,085 by mail.

It is only 3 days so I am not ready to take it to the bank, but it is looking like the Dems are sitting on a significant voter intensity factor here in Harris County.

Commentary has only met CD 7 Dem candidate Laura Moser once, I think. The Chron E-Board thinks she is too liberal for CD 7. Now the DCCC has put a hit out on her and you can read about it in the Trib here: https://www.texastribune.org/2018/02/22/rare-move-national-democrats-come-out-against-laura-moser-primary-cand/.

I don’t know about that. I don’t know why the DCCC would get involved. Oh, well.

Here from Stace’s latest 2 Center:

Then, there’s the story of Chuck Schumer injecting himself in the CD29 race to replace retiring Gene Green. Schumer endorsed the guy trying to buy the seat with his own money–Javed. Javed has written himself enough checks to buy a few campaigns, while buying off Schumer through big money donations and hosting fundraisers for Schumer and the DSCC. Schumer can be bought by the private prison industry and just about everyone else, apparently. With money that won’t ever make it to Beto’s campaign, or Texas. So, Javed really isn’t helping anyone but himself–and the chisme-driven lackeys he employs.

I’ll never forget how the DCCC and the DSCC gained so much popularity among Latinos when they ran anti-immigrant ads with Texas money back in 2006. And who was running the DSCC during that time? Chuck Schumer. And Javed’s campaign treasurer (former Congressman) Nick Lampson did his own anti-immigrant ads, too, in a feeble attempt to sell himself to white, right-wing voters. Now, you know how one becomes “former.”

Here is all of Stace: https://doscentavos.net/2018/02/23/washington-dc-creeps-into-houston-politics/.

Then these tweets:

Texas Tribune‏Verified account@TexasTribune

3h3 hours agoUPDATE: Texas Senate Democrats are calling for their Democratic colleague Carlos Uresti to resign after he was convicted today of 11 felonies.

Olivia Messer  💀‏Verified account@OliviaMesser

3h3 hours agoOlivia Messer  💀 Retweeted Texas Tribune

“The Texas Senate Democratic Caucus is calling upon Sen. Uresti to resign his position,” said Sen. José Rodriguez, a Democrat from San Antonio who chairs the caucus.

He will not resign. What would he have left if he did resign? I suspect he will fight to the bitter end and it will be a bitter end. Sad.

#SpringerDinger of course lined out to centerfield for the third out in the top of the ninth of Game 7 of the 2017 World Series.

The game will be on TV today.



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