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Now that the Astrodome is getting new life or major reconstructive surgery or whatever, it is time to ask a Dome question. Everyone knows that the last MLB game played there was Game 4 of the 1999 NLDS that we lost 7-5 to The ATL on a Saturday afternoon on October 9. Who were the starting pitchers for both teams that afternoon? Hint: One is now in the Hall of Fame.

Message to Harris County Democratic Party Primary voters:

Vote Early in Person folks. If you wait for Election Day on Tuesday, March 6, you first better do some checking because a number of voting locations have been combined. Examples: Precincts 3 and 4 who usually vote at Travis Elementary and Hogg Middle in the Woodland Heights will be voting at First Baptist on 9th Street where Precinct 53 votes.   Precinct 5 voters who normally vote at the Proctor Plaza Community Center have to hike on over to Heights High – Precinct 57. Precinct 207 and 637 voters who live and vote in Lindale Park and Northside locations have to drive across I-45 over to Monte Beach Park – Precinct 206. Precinct 66 Manchester voters have to drive over to the DeZavala Park Community Center – Precinct 65. Precinct 72 Mason Park voters now have to go down the road to HCC Southeast – Precinct 154. And this is just a sample. You get the picture?

Now this is interesting, and I am sure there is a good explanation. GOP Primary voters from Precincts 3 and 4 will vote at Hogg. Precinct 5 GOP voters at their Proctor Plaza Community Center and Precinct 72 GOP voters at their Mason Park Community Center.

Go check out the Dem Party Primary polling list at harrisvotes.org.

Now the explanation on primary election polling location selection preference by political parties is related to which party had the higher turnout in the previous (2016) primary election. The GOP outvoted us here in Harris County by 100,000 votes and change in the 2016 primaries. Fair enough.

I hope the local Dem campaigns are educating their voters. You better vote early.

My Dad voted by mail. His mail ballot was two huge sheets that he had to mark on both sides. I had to go fetch him a 68 cent postage stamp for that sucker.

Here is what the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce put out on Sen. Ted Cruz:

Statement from the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce on Senator Ted Cruz’s ‘No’ Vote on Motion to Start Debate on Immigration Proposal and Providing Permanent Legislative Solution for DACA Recipients

February 13, 2018 – (HOUSTON, TX) – “The Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is disappointed in Senator Ted Cruz’s vote against advancing a GOP motion to start debate on a new immigration proposal that could resolve the impasse over the status of the more than 800,000 DACA recipients currently living in the United States. Senator Cruz’s unwillingness to support a motion to start debate on this pivotal issue is not just a renunciation of his responsibilities as a U.S. Senator – it’s also an abandonment of his duties to the Texans who have entrusted him to represent their interests in Washington, D.C. 

DACA recipients contribute more than $460 billion annually to US GDP, have attained higher levels of education and employment than their US-born counterparts, and are in this country by no fault of their own. DREAMers are an integral part of the American fabric, yet our leaders in Congress have resolved to use them as political pawns while their status remains in a state of limbo.

The time to act on providing a permanent legislative solution for the more than 124,000 DACA recipients living Texas is long past due. We ask that Senator Cruz – and all of the Texas delegation in Congress – lead on this pivotal issue. The abdication of leadership is the abdication of the responsibility voters have entrusted to you – the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce urges positive, permanent action on DACA now.” 

You know how I feel about this fella. It is pretty obvious that the hurt put on him by Donald Trump a couple of years ago has caused some permanent damage.

There is a very good reason why Lisa Falkenberg is a Pulitzer Prize winning columnist. In case you have not noticed, four out of her last five columns have been on how HISD is being run. I got news for you. She is not going to let this go. Let’s hope the folks who are running HISD know this. Stay tuned!

GOP Cong. Trey Gowdy says Congress is going to investigate the Rob Porter scandal. In other words, the FBI will get blamed.

In the last MLB game ever played at the Astrodome on October 9, 1999, Hall of Fame great John Smoltz was the starting pitcher for The ATL and Shane Reynolds for the ‘Stros of course.

I was at that game sitting in specially constructed seats for the playoffs that were set up in front of the field box seats just past the dugout on the first base side. Pretty cool seats. I was a guest of Drayton and I took Carol and we sat next to Joe Sambito. Remember him?

We should have won that series. We won the first game at The ATL. Lost Game 2 then came to the Dome for Game 3.   It was tied up at 3 going into the bottom of the 10th inning and we loaded the bases with nobody out. The ATL brought their infield in and just like that there were 2 grounders by Carl Everett and Tony Eusebio that resulted in force outs at home plate. Ricky Gutierrez then struck out and you could feel all of the energy get sucked out of the Dome. We ended up losing the game in 12 innings 5-3 and the rest is history.

Jake Kaplan is no longer has the ‘Stros beat for the Chron. It now belongs to Hunter Atkins. Kaplan now has the ‘Stros beat for The Athletic. Got it?

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