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The ‘Stros will unveil the 2018 slogan today. Last season’s was #EarnIt. What was it in 2016?

RG has an article on former Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez and Andrew White and here is how it starts:

Texas Democrats suddenly face a crisis of conscience–the purity of principles versus the practical question of whether to support a centrist candidate in the primary who might, maybe, actually be able to defeat Republican Governor Greg Abbott in the fall.

Up until now, Democrats could dismiss centrist businessman Andrew White as a Republican lite, the son of a former governor who had been a teenager in the privileged world of the governor’s mansion. They could, in good faith, cast a ballot for former Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez, a daughter of a migrant farmworker family. As a gay Latina, Valdez could bring diversity to the Democratic ticket and perhaps prompt Hispanics to vote. Besides, the race against Abbott is believed to be unwinnable, so vote your conscience.

That shattered this weekend when the Houston GLBT Political Caucus endorsed White over Valdez, and the Dallas Morning News also gave White the nod in an editorial that eviscerated Valdez’s knowledge of state government. The Houston Chronicle endorsed White as the candidate most likely to defeat Abbott, and named little-known Dallas investment banker Adrian Ocegueda as the newspaper’s second choice in the crowded Democratic field.

And this:

Several weeks ago, I watched White and Valdez pitch themselves to the Texas AFL-CIO Committee on Political Education. White showed up prepared, while Valdez was vague in her speech and sounded more like a candidate for election as Dallas sheriff than as a potential governor. She dismissed her shortcomings by saying she was not a jack of all trades but could find experts to give her solutions to the state’s problems. White, on the other hand, went after Abbott for pandering to right-wingers in 2015 who thought a military exercise called Jade Helm was really a secret plot to establish martial law in Texas. “Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick, and the new Republican party—that’s what they are, a new Republican party,” White said. “They are all members of the Trump school of government, which means they are focused on the extreme fringe members of their primary while they forget about the rest of us.” The labor group backed Valdez, but it was clear to me that she was not ready as a candidate.

And this:

(Former State Sen. Wendy) Davis has unleashed on White through her Facebook account. “This thread from my friend Aimee Boone Cunningham says all we need to know about this anti-choice man asking for our support as the Democratic choice for governor. Uhh – no. Just no.” Cunningham, the former finance chair of the Texas Democratic Party on one occasion commented: “He is anti-choice. And trying to have it both ways, apparently. Don’t be fooled by the B.S., friends.” On another occasion, she chastised White for refusing to promise to veto any or all abortion legislation that reached his desk: “When you tell us that you would sign anti-choice bills that come to your desk, and THEN you’re all, you guys, why so mad? Who could have known ‘this one little issue’ would be important to anyone? And then you’re all, ‘no, you guys I’m going to be awesome on this!’ We don’t hear, ‘Hey! I was wrong, and thought my man brain should control women’s bodies, and now I realize that is trash!’ We hear: ‘You think women are not paying attention + don’t care + are easily deceived and have a limited ability to think about these things.’ NO, SATAN. NOT TODAY.”

Here is RG’s article: https://www.texasmonthly.com/politics/texas-democrats-principles-practicality-governors/?utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=Web%20Social&utm_content=Democrats%20Governor.

Being prepared matters.  According to RG, White is better prepared.

We see over in the GOP primary, Gov. Greg Abbott going the party purity route and trying to purge folks like State Rep. Sarah Davis. Commentary doesn’t think Dems need to play party purity with someone like Andrew White.  Dems should not purify.

Commentary has said it before. I think one of the key endorsements here locally is the Houston GLBT Political Caucus. I am sure they have been fooled before – heck, who hasn’t – but they weren’t on this one.

A number of Dem folks I respect are supporting Andrew White. Commentary doesn’t have a problem if he is our nominee.

Kuffer said this yesterday about Dem CD 29 candidate Tahir Javed:

I’ve seen Javed’s TV ad, and let’s just say he’s not the most compelling speaker I’ve ever heard.

Heck, in the ads I’ve seen, all he says is that he approves the ads. Let the fella speak. He gets to speak on his ads on You Tube.   I don’t get this. I hope they are not thinking that CD 29 Dem voters are not tolerant. Come on! We are Dems.  Don’t play games.

Our 2016 slogan was “More Than Just A Game” and “More Hustle” of course.

The team will also announce this season’s giveaways. I hope they bring back the umbrellas.

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