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On CD 29, Maybe

This ‘Stros pitcher went 13-2 in the regular season and pitched in 4 2017 World Series games – who am I talking about?

The Trib has a story today on the CD 29 Dem Primary. This is how it starts:

Twenty-six years ago, a Houston political fixture named Sylvia Garcia ran for Congress. She came up short, placing third in the Democratic primary and missed her shot at the runoff. 

Now a state senator, Garcia is running for Congress again and, until recently, some in Houston were predicting she would effectively swamp the other six Democrats in the race, winning the party’s nomination in a clear shot on the March 6 primary and avoiding a runoff. 

The wildcard appears to be Tahir Javed, an outspoken healthcare executive who told the Tribune that he will “spend whatever it takes” to win the seat U.S. Rep. Gene Green, D-Houston, is giving up after 25 years.

“I have invested in people all my life, and I want to do it one more time,” said Javed, CEO of Riceland Healthcare.   

Here is the entire read: https://www.texastribune.org/2018/02/02/wealthy-self-funder-could-upend-open-race-replace-houston-us-rep-gene-/.

Of course, in reading the entire story I didn’t learn anything on how this Javed fella is going to force a runoff. Did he buy TV or radio ads? In Spanish? Is he mailing and is he attacking?   Does he have a field program?   Does he have a VBM program? Like I said, I didn’t learn anything.

Javed does a first.  He calls Pasadena “Stinkadena” in referring to pollution and air quality.  That ought to make Pasadena folks happy.

This kind of disappoints me. This is lazy and sloppy. I would hope that those in charge would be a bit more proactive to protect the right to vote. Check Miya Shay’s story here from yesterday:


Displaced Hurricane Harvey victims still struggling to recover are now having to worry about one more thing: whether they can vote in next month’s primary. The problem of suspended voter registrations began bubbling up this week.

Nikki Thomason, one of hundreds of people displaced when her Thornwood neighborhood filled with water, never thought her right to vote could be swept away too. “Angry, angry, you know it’s kind of funny the people who are angriest with the government right now, are the people whose votes have been suspended,” she said. Thomason and other displaced flood victims checking their voter registration online were shocked to see messages their registrations were in suspense. Many were not sure if they would be able to vote in the highly anticipated March primaries. “What went through my mind is, why am I am suspended and why has nobody told me, surely thousands of people are in the same position,” said Kimberly Truitt-Turner, another flood victim from the west side.

Turns out, state law requires each county’s tax assessor-collector to send a voter registration cards to each voter every two years. If the post office can’t deliver the card for whatever reason and they are returned, the registration is automatically suspended.

“I said I don’t have a mailbox,” Thomason recounted a conversation with an elections clerk. “They’re all hit by boats and knocked out during Harvey.” The Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector’s office says suspended voters can still vote, they just have to fill out a form at their polling location. “You are still eligible to vote in the March primary, you just have to fill out the statement of residency form when you go and vote,” said Mike Lykes with the Assessor-Collector’s office. Per state law, suspended voters can not update their addresses online. They either have to mail in a change of address or fill out a form when they go vote. Therefore, elections experts are urging worried flood victims to vote early so any confusion can be sorted out. But for those struggling to recover, this is one more hurdle they didn’t expect. “It’s one big mess after another it just doesn’t end.”

You can check your voter registration status below, also remember if you want to register to vote, Monday is the deadline.

That’s sad. You would think that those in charge would be a little bit more helpful. Talk about dropping the ball.  Sad, sad, sad.

I really don’t care who wins this Sunday and I won’t mind if Tom Brady gets another ring. I will be grading the Super Bowl ads for sure.

Brad Peacock of course went 13-2 this past season and played in 4 World Series games and he is celebrating his 30th birthday today.

Back when the team was lousy and had the top MLB draft pick they would throw draft parties at The Yard, so the fans could watch the picks on El Grande. My best friend and I went to the 2013 draft party and they gave out ‘Stros t-shirts with “Draft ‘13” on the back.   That evening with the first overall pick, we went with pitcher Mark Appel who just announced yesterday that he is stepping away from the game. He has yet to toss a pitch in the majors. If he never comes back, he will be the third overall first pick in history never to reach the majors. Needless to say, I will never wear the “Draft ‘13” t-shirt again. Oh, well.

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