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Rev Cap Strategy

Fifteen years ago today we lost the space shuttle Columbia. It was a Saturday and I was at the gym on a treadmill when the news broke on the TV. I will never forget.

I am skipping the MLB question today.

State Rep. Carol Alvarado had a very good crowd last night at her “What the Heck” town hall meeting on the I-45 repairs.

It looks like the campaign to remove the H-Town revenue cap kicked off yesterday and it looks like the campaign will use H-Town police officers to convince us to pay more in property taxes for more police officers on the streets. Here is from today’s Chron:

The head of the Houston police union announced Wednesday that city leaders had pledged to grow the Houston Police Department ranks by 500 officers over the next five years, far fewer than the city’s police chief said he needs.

The head of the Houston police union announced Wednesday that city leaders had pledged to grow the Houston Police Department ranks by 500 officers over the next five years, far fewer than the city’s police chief said he needs.

The influx of officers would still be a fraction of the 2,000 new officers Chief Art Acevedo has said he believes the department needs to deal with the city’s growth, but comes as Houston has struggled for years to meaningfully increase the staffing in the department.

Gamaldi’s initiative, which the union is calling the “Drive for 500,” came after union officials visited all of the city’s council members, as well as Mayor Sylvester Turner, and asked them to pledge their support to increase the department that has nearly 5,200 officers on the job.

“This provides a reasonable, sustainable path forward, to grow this department in a responsible way,” Gamaldi said.

At the press event, Gamaldi, Acevedo, and Turner along with a number of City Council members agreed Houston needs more officers but provided few specifics on how they would raise city funds to actually fulfill their promise.

Here is the entire read: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Houston-pledges-to-add-500-police-officers-over-12541741.php.

The article does mention removing the revenue cap as the source of funding. The article also says a GOP H-Town city council member will oppose removing the cap and another is skeptical. I guess the campaign wants to use police officers in part to convince GOP and conservative voters.

The raising of property taxes has become a contentious issue these days. I think all of H-Town’s property owners are going to have to be convinced, not just conservative and GOP property owners.

Stay tuned!

This was a Thumbs Up in this past Saturday’s editorial page:

UP: We start off our thumbs column with a 21-thumbs salute to our outgoing editorial board editor, Jeff Cohen, who created this column when he took the job. Jeff is retiring after a 40-plus-year career in the newspaper business that started at the Daily Texan and San Antonio Light before taking him to Albany, NY. Jeff joined the Houston Chronicle in 2002 as editor in chief, where he ran the paper until taking over the single most important job in the building – deciding what news deserves the enviable thumbs up and what merits the shameful thumbs down. Now his thumbs will spend their days wrapped around a sand wedge or gripping the handles of a mountain bike. Thumbs up to you, Jeff!

I noticed in today’s editorial page that Evan Mintz is now the Opinion Editor. Congratulations! I don’t think I have ever met Evan, but I do follow him on twitter and he can be very entertaining.  Congrats, again!

Great news from The Daily Beast here:

President Trump has declined to do a Super Bowl Sunday interview this weekend, breaking with a decade-old tradition. A White House official confirmed the news to CNN late Wednesday, saying only that Trump is “not doing” the interview with NBC News ahead of the Super Bowl, which is usually the highest-rated event of the year. NBC had sought the interview because the network is broadcasting the game. Trump gave an interview ahead of the Super Bowl last year when the event was broadcast by Fox, but it appears he’s decided to steer clear of NBC. The president has repeatedly derided the network and its journalists as “fake news.” The network said the president has an open invitation for the interview in case he changes his mind.

I am A-Okay with this for sure.

What happened at Super Bowl Radio Row at the Mall of the Americas yesterday is another reason why I stopped listening to local sports talk radio.   What a bunch of clowns. That’s probably what the other national and local sports talk radio personalities now think of H-Town sports talk radio. Well deserved, I might add.

I got better choices on my radio like The Beatles channel, 99.1 during the Christmas season, 88.7, and CNN if there is a real hot news story breaking.

Local sports talk radio just isn’t what it used to be.

Here is the Chron’s story on what happened: http://www.chron.com/sports/texas-sports-nation/article/Seth-Payne-Josh-Innes-Super-Bowl-Radio-Row-fight-12539638.php?ipid=happening.

Bunch of clowns if you ask me.

I don’t have anything from The Yard today.

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