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Drips Done

The ‘Stros go back to Dodger Stadium in August to play three against the Dodgers. When was the last time the two World Series teams played each other the following season?

The drip, drip, drips are done. Commentary doesn’t have much to say about the H-Town Mayor’s former press secretary other than to say what took so long. Of course, others have something to say. Here are a couple of tweets:

Rebecca Elliott Retweeted

Marc Duvoisin‏Verified account@MarcDuvoisin Jan 26


Houston mayor’s press secretary resigns after superb reporting by @rfelliott @mmorris011 showing how she used public office to pursue private business interests.


ABC13 Houston Retweeted

Ted Oberg‏@TedABC13 Jan 26


BREAKING: After ABC13 uncovered the questions about her 5,000 emails, Houston’s embattled press secretary Darian Ward resigns http://abc13.co/2EdYzHV

Nice job Rebecca Elliott, Mike Morris and of course Ted Oberg. They all did their jobs.

Then there was this tweet from Saturday:

Miya Shay‏Verified account@miyashay Jan 26


Mayor @SylvesterTurner has a reputation for not liking the media much, dating back decades. But former journos @AlanBernstein & @IAmMaryBenton are generally respected by local media. So maybe things will change?

Does it matter if things change? I don’t think so. Who cares? Journalists have to do their job. The goods ones are going to be aggressive regardless if they are liked or not. Anyway, change is not going to happen.

The E-Board has a take today and here is their online funny headline:

The Darian Ward Show has been cancelled

Scandal is a lesson for City Hall.

Here is how they end their take:

It’s worth noting that Ward’s transgressions started under Turner’s predecessor. Former Mayor Annise Parker hired Ward as press secretary in 2014. But sometimes people who’ve worked around city government for many years have conflicts of interest that any mayor ignores at his peril.

Witness, for example, how Mark Kilkenny and L.S. “Pat” Brown Jr. both sat on the city planning commission even though both of them had firms involved in building subdivisions inside the flood pools of Barker Reservoir. And Steve Costello, who’s paid $160,000 a year as Houston’s flood czar, also owned an engineering firm involved in construction projects within flood pools.

The mayor would be well advised to remember the hard lessons of these last couple of weeks and review the cast of characters he’s keeping around City Hall. The Darian Ward show may be over, but nobody wants to see a sequel.

Here is the entire take: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/editorials/article/The-Darian-Ward-Show-has-been-cancelled-12532190.php.

Moving on.

Some H-Town folks are still trying to figure out why we were left out of the Amazon Top 20. Flooding and lack of mass transportation come to mind for some. Here is from the Chron’s business columnist Chris Tomlinson:

“We want to invest in a community where our employees will enjoy living, recreational opportunities, educational opportunities and an overall high quality of life,” Amazon said.

Mmmm. Well … Errrrr.

Did we mention that Texas’ political leaders will gladly slash education, health and social spending to encourage corporate relocations?

And this:

In fact, don’t think any city in Texas has a chance at Amazon’s HQ2. Mostly because our regressive, anti-woman, anti-immigrant, anti-LGBT state leadership has given the state a horrendous reputation on the coasts that only a political revolution will overcome.

Here is his entire column: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/columnists/tomlinson/article/Why-Houston-failed-to-make-the-grade-12526091.php.

Hard to argue this. I mean, who wants to come here and listen to bathroom bill debates?

My Dad and I caught “The Wild Bunch” on cable late Saturday night. If the movie were made today, the final six or so minute shootout would probably be shot differently. In the shootout, The Wild Bunch (Pike, Dutch, Tector and Lyle) whacked about a kazillion Federales before being done in themselves by the remaining Federales. I don’t know if anyone would want to make a movie these days with such a high Mexican body count in one scene. I will say that the 1969 made flick comes in at #79 on the American Film Institute’s Top 100 flicks of all time (above flicks like “Titanic”, “Platoon”, “Easy Rider”, “Sophie’s Choice”, and “Toy Story”) and it does get a 98% Rotten Tomatoes rating.

And don’t ask me if Donald Trump would enjoy the final shootout.

In 2015, the Royals won the World Series in 5 over the Mets then hosted the Mets of course in their season opener in April of 2016.

The season opener is two months from today.

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