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On Briles Again

The Harris County Houston Sports Authority will be holding an event next month to announce H-Town sports stuff like best player and best event. That’s easy. Jose Altuve and Game 5 of the World Series at The Yard.

How long in hours and minutes did Game 5 last?

Commentary has said it before. DACA and immigration reform are core values of the Dem Party – period. Here is a story in Politico today about a debate within the Dem Party on DACA and immigration reform: https://www.politico.com/story/2018/01/11/democrats-daca-dreamers-immigration-mutiny-334454.

The hardliners in the GOP aren’t going to give one inch.   I don’t see the GOP stepping forward with a proposal that we can consider.

The Chron published a Dallas Morning News column today in their hard copy. It is about the hiring of the offensive coordinator for the football program over at UH. I guess the Chron wants to keep the issue alive so here is how the column starts:

By Kevin Sherrington , Staff Columnist Contact Kevin Sherrington on Twitter: @KSherringtonDMN

The morning after one of the most astounding presidential campaigns in our nation’s history, Nick Saban famously claimed he didn’t even realize it had been Election Day. They were “focused on other things” at Alabama, which explains a lot. And not just a football program that flies more flags than the United Nations, either.

Because if the greatest college football coach of this generation and maybe any other actually pays such little attention to the world outside the white lines, how can we expect the wannabes to keep up?

Between you and me, it’s the only way I can explain how Houston’s Major Applewhite hired not just one but two former members of Baylor’s disgraced football staff, and Art Briles remains in the news.

In case you’ve been locked in a film room, too, Applewhite bypassed dozens of less toxic candidates to hire Art’s son, Kendal. Proving it was no clerical error, Applewhite also signed up Randy Clements, another former Baylor assistant.

Meanwhile, the American Football Coaches Association’s executive director reluctantly canceled an appearance this week by Kendal’s dad, who’d volunteered to speak on Title IX policies regarding sexual assaults.

For the record: Scheduling Art Briles to talk about athletes and sexual assault is a little like hiring the builder of the Titanic to discuss ship designs.

Here is the entire column: http://sportsday.dallasnews.com/college-sports/collegesports/2018/01/09/public-will-hold-art-briles-former-baylor-assistants-accountable-coaches-wont?utm_campaign=Echobox&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Twitter.

Commentary and some very great close friends will be heading to the AMC Downtown this evening to check out “The Post.”

Royko sent this yesterday:

Will Oprah promise to give everyone a new car paid for with new taxes on corporations?

Great idea! Hopefully, by then it will be an electric car. I will certainly deservedly take one. After all, they just gave billionaires millions.

Game 5 lasted 5 hours and 17 minutes of course.

They had a packed house in Pasadena yesterday to see a couple of ‘Stros minor leaguers. Ah, the days of the three consecutive 100 loss seasons are but memories.

The caravans continue today as we deal for another quality starter.

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