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The Year It Was

Taylor Swift was sort of skewered a couple of weeks or so ago because she said she had a pretty good year. I don’t get it. It is kind of silly to get skewered.

I lost my Mom this year, does that mean I had a bad year. Nope! It just means I lost my Mom. She was here for 91 years so I can’t complain plus she was ready to go – trust me.

Jim Crane and the ‘Stros had a durn good year. Heck, they even got a parade out of it.

‘Stros fans – this one included – had a great year.   Heck, we even decorated our Christmas tree in blue and orange with a bunch of ‘Stros ornaments.

If you are a Texans fan, we had a lousy year.

The Coastal Bend, H-Town region, and the Golden Triangle got hammered by Harvey, but a lot of folks responded and in these parts, we became Houston Strong that was even our catchphrase during our World Series run so bad and good, it made for a year that we will never forget.

Of course, if you still can’t get into your crib, your year is not so hot.

If you are a part of the cadre of folks who built or allowed the building in flood prone parts of H-Town, I hope you are not having a very good year.

If you support a fiscally sound City of H-Town, then I guess we had a good year, if the numbers do hold up.

If you are a neo-Nazi or white supremacist you think you are having a good year because the fella who now lives in the White House thinks you are fine people, but you know what, in my book you aren’t having a good year because you are still a neo-Nazi and white supremacist.

If you support equality for all, civil rights, and voting rights, we had a rough year, but Virginia and Alabama gave us a lot of hope going into next year.

If you support a free press, we are having a tough year, so keep subscribing. It’s worth it.

If you support DACA, the DREAMers, and immigration reform, we are not having a good year, so we will just have to take it out on the GOP in next year’s election.

If you opposed SB 4, we didn’t have a good year, so again we will just have to take it out on the GOP in next year’s election.

We all get to decide what kind of year we had.

For me, in 2017, I lost my Mom. I am now spending a lot more time with my 94-year old Dad. Our family is a bit closer and we were already close. I finally got to celebrate a H-Town World Series championship. A late year local political surprise has me working on stuff I didn’t expect to be working on.  2017 is what it was and I don’t have a problem with that. Ok?

Hope you have a nice ending to your year this weekend. Happy New Year and be careful out there.

And just so you don’t forget, the ‘Stros open in Arlington, three months from today.

I’ll be back next Tuesday.

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