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The Dodgers had 120 base hits in their 15 postseason games this past season. How many base hits did the ‘Stros have in their 18 postseason games?

What is your position on the DREAMers? That’s what I ask folks running for office these days – any office.  That’s THE ISSUE in my book. Stace has a good take on the DREAMers and I hope he doesn’t mind if I show it to you here:

DREAMer Reform Delayed? My Confidence Wanes

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If Democrats weren’t able to pass any kind of relief for DREAMers in 2010 with a legislative majority, did you really expect Republicans to do anything? According to a Politico article, the groundwork has been laid for a January vote, though.

The problem? They can’t do anything until Trump adds his sadistic ideas to the plan, like the wall, more migra, and other mean-spirited things that Kelly and others at DHS may come up with under the heading, “border security.”

So, cynical me thinks this is how things will go:

  • A pretty crappy DREAM Act will be created–enforcement heavy, relief for fewer than ever. (Remember when Dems were fighting for 11 million people and willing to give them everything?)
  • Dems will say no to such an unclean DREAM Act (right?). There will be shock at how Republicans are just bad and mean. (Some of us are desensitized to it, actually, at least those of us who are undeportable.)
  • Then the Dems will have it as an issue for them to campaign on, and run away from in those hard-to-win districts, in 2018.
  • By then, the March deadline to resolve this has passed and even more young people are out of DACA status and under threat of removal. (Let’s not forget that right now 122 DREAMers per day are losing their DACA status).

I’m just guessing, of course.

I’ll leave it to the DREAMers to tell me if they want what results from the negotiation in the end. It’s a gun to their heads, but not necessarily a gun to either party’s. I say this because even the new Dems being elected during special elections are acting kind of shifty on most issues, and not just this one, as if bipartisanship even exists anymore.

Maybe the Dems should up the ante and ask for a path to something for 11,000,000 once Trump starts adding his crap to the bill. It’s a negotiation, right? Hell, put up a fight. For the whole lot of us, it’s the fight that earns a politician respect.

As I mentioned previously, Democrats love the issue for the campaign trail. It’s great at conventions and the use of the issue can be left to those officeholders and candidates who can get the most use out of it–or the least use if it may cost them re-election.

The problem with that is that, once elected, the Democrats don’t even put up a fight. And those that want to fight are scoffed at by leadership (Pelosi and Schumer) who have other priorities, such as keeping things like the DREAM Act a campaign issue. In other words, even if the Dems gain a majority in both chambers again, my confidence in them doing something on this and the entire issue is still weak.

Perhaps they worry about Republicans taking credit for the issue while they are the majority. Hell, I wouldn’t worry. All the “bipartisan” talk has been just talk for Republicans. Dems give them too much credit. And for the vast majority of them, it will always be talk. They’re bigoted. They’re hateful. And their quiet “moderates” who fail to fight back are just as guilty of allowing the hate and bigotry. So, why not fight back when we’re down?

Seven DREAMers and allies protested at Schumer’s office last week. They all ended up in jail. And most are still in jail and soon at risk of deportation. They’re willing to put their lives on the line. No one seems to care, though. I’m pretty sure Democrats will blame them for fighting back and messing with their negotiations. Ain’t it always the way?

Yes, I’m cynical.

Let’s be clear! Make no mistake! The GOP is the enemy of the DREAMers and immigration reform. Attacking immigrants and DREAMers has been the GOP’s core principle for years now. That is how the rev up their base by our attacking our folks – period.

That being said however, Commentary is not going to argue with Stace because he pretty much knows what he is talking about. Everyone knows Commentary is not a big fan of our national Dem leadership including Leader Nancy Pelosi. The DREAMers and immigration reform should have been taken care of during the first two years of the Obama presidency.   Pelosi was U.S. House Speakers at the time and look where we are at today. You can’t help but feel that we have been used.

Pelosi is the big headlinerfor the local Dem fundraiser next year. I wonder if someone will bother to tell her we have one of the largest DREAMer populations in America.

Taking care of the DREAMers is not a priority in my book, it is THE PRIORITY – period.

I am trying to figure out the end game of the GOP’s effort to destroy the reputation of the Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the FBI. Is destroying the reputation of an institution like the FBI worth it? Is this all being done to protect Donald Trump? Really?

The H-Town Mayor was named Texan of the Year by the Dallas Morning News. He deserved the honor.  Congrats!

From the Chron:

The Astros will make two appearances on ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball this season, the network announced.

The World Series champions will be on April 15 against the Rangers at Minute Maid and again on May 20 against the I…… (Cleveland). The network will announce its June through September dates during the season. (The May 20 game against Cleveland is also at The Yard).

Also, the Houston chapter of the Baseball Writers Association of America vote Jose Altuve as the team’s MVP for 2017, Dallas Keuchel and Brad Peacock as pitchers of the year, and Yuli Gurriel as rookie of the year. Carlos Correa was named the Darryl Kile Good Guy of the Year, Diamondbacks infielder Paul Goldschmidt was named the Houston-area player of the year, and Bob Watson was honored for long and meritorious service.

Speaking of, this was from USA today during the World Series:

Commissioner Rob Manfred sent a message that Major League Baseball will not tolerate racism when it suspended Houston Astros slugger Yuri Gurriel for making an inappropriate gesture in Game 3 of the World Series, he announced Saturday in Houston.

Yet Manfred and MLB, advocacy groups believe, have ceded the moral high ground on cultural sensitivity when it enables Chief Wahoo — the Cleveland Indians’ longtime logo that depicts a caricature of a grinning red-faced Native American — to remain.

Manfred tried to draw a distinction between Gurriel’s action, which was directed toward a single player, and the Indians’ Chief Wahoo logo.

“I see a difference in behavior from one player directed specifically at a player and a logo,” said Manfred. “While both are problematic, I don’t see them as the same issue.”

“We continue to have conversations about the Indians with the logo and I intend to revisit it in the off-season.”

Gurriel will serve a five-game suspension without pay in 2018 and attend sensitivity training this offseason. He was caught on camera making a slant-eyed gesture and laughing after his second-inning home run in Game 3 off Los Angeles  Dodgers starter Yu Darvish, a native of Japan

Gurriel apologized afterward, saying he did not mean to offend Darvish.

Manfred and Indians owner Paul Dolan have met multiple times since 2016 on the sensitive subject, which again became a national debate after the Indians reached to World Series last season. 

In April, Manfred said he would like to see the Indians “transition away” from the polarizing image, but nothing has been mandated. 

Sure. We’re waiting. Meanwhile, you can still go to the Cleveland team website and buy Chief Wahoo gear. Just saying.

The ‘Stros had 145 base hits during this past postseason of course.

You can’t go wrong with getting anyone in H-Town World Series gear for Christmas so you may want to drop by the Team Store before it’s too late because there are only five days until Christmas, but you already know that.

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