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Just Ask, Again

This Hall of Fame great is celebrating his 83rd birthday today. He played 22 years in the bigs, all with the same AL team. He had 3,007 career base hits and 399 career dingers. He made the AL All Star team 15 times. He was twice AL MVP runner-up. He played in a World Series and won a ring in seven games. Who am I wishing Happy Birthday today?

Commentary put this out in September of 2014:

Just Ask

Commentary was at The Yard yesterday and I snagged a foul ball and handed it over to Reggie Bibbs. Reggie was with a group that was sitting right next to me. Who is Reggie Bibbs? Here is from the Chron:

Reggie Bibbs, a member of a member of Second Baptist Church on Woodway, was looking fine in a suit and tie recently when he went on stage to receive a Gold Addy Award for his advertising campaign to raise awareness of a disfiguring disorder called neurofibromatosis.

It was a dressy affair at the Hyatt Regency Hotel downtown, which is why Bibbs, 42, wasn’t wearing the T-shirt that won him the award.

On the front is an abstract outline of Bibbs’ face, and on the back are the words “Just Ask.”

“I can see how people look at me, and they will just stare,” said Bibbs, who was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis as an infant, and has several tumors on his left leg and face.

“Some of them look at me like I’m an apparition. You can see they want to ask — but they don’t — and it puts both of us in an awkward position.

“I want them to know it’s okay to ask me what’s wrong (with me).”

Originally from Houston, and still living in the same house he in which he grew up, Bibbs said his mother first noticed something was amiss when she would try to put his shoes on his little feet.

Here is the entire Chron story on Reggie: http://www.chron.com/default/article/Reggie-Bibbs-receives-Gold-Addy-Award-1572760.php

I think Reggie kind of got excited that I gave him the foul ball. I felt good about it.

Then this Channel 13 story from yesterday:


A Houston man with an extreme case of a genetic disorder wants an apology from Uber. Reggie Bibbs, 52, suffers from neurofibromatosis which causes tumors to form on his skin. The condition is noticeable. Bibbs said last Monday he requested an Uber to take him to the Texas Medical Center for an appointment because he needed blood work done. Bibbs said the Uber driver came to his street. Bibbs said he was standing outside and made eye contact with the driver. Bibbs told ABC13 the driver noticed his appearance, drove off, and then cancelled the ride.

“I saw him pass by. He looked right at me. He was going real slow. He just passed the house. I could see the brake lights on. He went a couple of houses down. He turned around and came back by the house again. He went real slow,” said Bibbs. “I’m looking at him. He’s looking at me. He just keeps going down to the end of the street. When he got to the end of the street, I got a message that said unfortunately your driver canceled. That was it. There was no explanation.” Bibbs said he felt embarrassed and shocked. He said he believes the driver canceled the ride because of his appearance.

Bibbs works with the non-profit Courageous Faces Foundation. They are now exploring their legal options against Uber. Bibbs said he wants the company to offer sensitivity training to drivers working on their platform. Eyewitness News has reached out to the ride-sharing company for a response. They provided the following statement:

The situation described here is unacceptable and has no place on the Uber app or any place. We apologize to Mr. Bibbs for the experience reported to us and we have been in contact with the driver to re-emphasize Uber’s Community Guidelines, which prohibits any form of discrimination on the app. Here are our community guidelines, these ground rules are designed to ensure that riders and drivers have a five star ride when using Uber. We also have a national non-discrimination policy. Uber seeks to ensure that safe, reliable, and high-quality transportation options are available to everyone. Uber and its affiliates therefore prohibit discrimination against riders or drivers based on race, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, sex, marital status, gender identity, age or any other characteristic protected under applicable federal or state law. Such discrimination includes, but is not limited to, refusing to provide or accept services based on any of these characteristics. Any rider or driver found to have violated this prohibition will lose access to the Uber platform.

Here is the Channel 13 story that you can watch: http://abc13.com/society/man-says-he-was-denied-an-uber-because-of-his-appearance/2795758/.

‘Tis the season, Uber!

On HISD Trustee Diana Davila’s bid to run for Harris County JP in Pct. 6, the Secretary of State’s website says her filing application was rejected. Check here: https://webservices.sos.state.tx.us/candidate-filing/cf-report.aspx.

Oh, well.

Did you get your Siete Foods Christmas package? I did. Bags of grain free tortilla chips and other goodies including a do-it-yourself ugly Christmas red sweater, err sweatshirt. Cool!

Happy Birthday today to Tigers great Al Kaline of course.

I also have a baseball with his John Hancock.

I went by the Team Store yesterday and picked out a few gifts and six days left until Christmas, but you already know this.



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