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Good Morning, Dems!

Our Skipper says Ken Giles will continue to be our closer next season. Giles had 34 saves this past season, tied for 8th in the bigs. Name the closer with the most saves this past season in MLB?

My friend Kier tweeted this:

Keir Murray‏@houtopia 18m18 minutes ago


As point of info, Donald Trump won Alabama by 28 points in 2016. He won Texas by 9.

So far it is the best post-Alabama election tweet.

Good morning, Dems! How are you feeling?

The best part about Alabama U.S. Senator-Elect Doug Jones’ victory speech last night was when he thanked the African American and Latino voters for being a key to his victory. Memo to other Dems: That’s the way to say thanks. We very much appreciate those types of acknowledgments. Way to go, Sen.-Elect Jones! Si se puede!

Donald Trump isn’t going to fix his ways. Look what he tweeted about NY U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand yesterday. He paid the price last night because he is toxic. Dems should be feeling good about 2018. Let’s keep it up.

Trump around the necks of GOP candidates is a problem for them.

Our Dem nominee for Harris County Judge sent this out yesterday:

Dear Friend, 

I am proud to announce that I am the Democratic nominee for Harris County Judge. Our County, and our nation, deserve better leadership, and 2018 is the year to achieve it. 

Thank you for supporting us. As always, I look forward to hearing your thoughts about the issues that are most important to you so we can advocate for The People after turning Texas Blue and completing the progressive sweep in Harris County. 

You can see our campaign’s full statement on becoming the nominee below. 

Your next Harris County Judge, 

Lina Hidalgo 

PS. Consider making a contribution to help us win this historic election!

Along with this press release:

HOUSTON- Criminal justice and healthcare advocate Lina Hidalgo will run unopposed for the Democratic nomination for Harris County Judge. The deadline to file to run for office in 2018 closed yesterday at 6pm. 

“I am honored to lead an outstanding slate of local Democratic candidates for election to county offices,” said Hidalgo. “Our campaign looks forward to working with Democrats all across Harris County and across this great state to complete the progressive sweep in Harris County and Turn Texas Blue.” 

The Hidalgo campaign will stress the leading issue on the minds of the people of Harris County: flooding and infrastructure.

“The Houston Chronicle Editorial Board is right–the 2018 election in Harris County will be about flood control. The current County Judge and Republican County Commissioners have failed in their duties to keep us safe. They must be voted out of office. I am running for County Judge because we need an advocate at the head of the Commissioners Court who will lead with foresight on flood control and emergency management, health care, criminal justice reform, affordable housing, transportation and other key issues. As new Harris County leadership, we will stand up for our community as we rebuild our county and ensure it is a model for the nation: equitable, sustainable, and resilient.” 

Hidalgo has emphasized since announcing a few months ago that the people of Harris County must have a seat at the table and a meaningful voice in helping to equitably rebuild our county. To do that, she believes, we must have transparency and accountability at the Commissioners Court. 

“Before we go to the voters with a bond proposal we need to account for misprioritization of bond funds in the past. In 2007 Commissioners Court did not include funding for flood control in the county bond election. In the 2015 county bond election, after Allison and Ike, flood control was nowhere near the number one priority.”

I sure am hoping she is getting embraced by Dems here in Harris County. She did after all step forward on this when nobody else would.

Alex Colomé of the Rays of course had 47 saves this past season.

Some of my family and friends are getting ‘Stros World Series gear in twelve days.

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