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Vote Early

Name the best hitting team in MLB this past season?

Early Voting in Person in the HISD and HCC runoff races continues today and tomorrow and don’t forget what the Chron E-Board said last week:

At a time when the future of the entire (HIS)district has been brought into question, voters should pick someone with the skills to analyze and articulate the policies that can save HISD – and the ability to implement them as solutions. That candidate is Gretchen Himsl.

Vote early, please.

The Chron E-Board said some nice things yesterday about Hunker Down speaking his mind last week and taking on Texas’ GOP Governor and Lt. Governor. Here is how yesterday’s take ended:

Hearing a political leader so bluntly and forcefully criticize the top elected officials in his own party is the kind of candor our system needs. The county judge is dead right. Our state’s elected leaders need to get their priorities straight and quit messing with local government. Something’s out of whack, and it’s not just the county judge’s tax bill.

Here is the entire take: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/editorials/article/Out-of-whack-12401014.php.

Sounds like Hunker Down is heading toward the middle hoping to avoid a wave so to speak.

The filing deadline is a week away.

The tax giveaway to the billionaires, the Roy Moore fella, the Donald Trump daily lies, Trump and the Russians, the arrogant and out-of-touch GOP U.S. Senator from Iowa, sticking it to the DREAMERs and other stuff like this doesn’t get me down. It makes me feel better that a Dem wave is coming next November.

Everyone knows Commentary doesn’t talk a lot about college sports. I did watch the college playoff announcement yesterday and I am not bothered by who got in and who didn’t. I am also not going to say anything about rolling out the carpet for newly hired college football coaches. I am also not going to say anything about the fella who is in charge of the Harvey Recovery in Texas spending a kazillion on his college football team’s recovery.

There are 40 college bowl games including the playoff and championship games this season and they start playing in a couple of weeks. Florida leads with hosting 8 games and Texas is second with 7. Going?

The ‘Stros of course had the best hitting team in MLB this past season leading in batting average – .282, hits – 1,581, doubles – 346, RBIs – 854, runs – 896, slugging – .478, on-base percentage – .346, and on-base percentage plus slugging – .823.

Pretty impressive if you ask me.

Christmas Day is three weeks from today.

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