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Retire World Serious

If you haven’t read Pulitzer Prize winning columnist Lisa Falkenberg’s column from yesterday, please do. She really opened herself up for the whole world to see. Here it is: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/columnists/falkenberg/article/Making-yourself-vulnerable-is-a-true-test-of-12383436.php.

Outstanding to say the least. Kudos to Lisa.  Wow!

Among active MLB pitchers, where does Justin Verlander rank on the career wins list?

The Chron E-Board gave The Dean the thumbs down this past Saturday. Here it is:

(Thumbs down) Texas’ longest serving state senator, John Whitmire, has just under $8 million in his campaign finance account, the most – by far – of any sitting legislator. So what does a 68-year-old in that position do? He holds another fundraiser, of course. In an effort to scare off a potential challenger, he sucked in more cash at the Four Seasons last week.

The Dean has $8 million in the bank. He doesn’t care what the E-Board says about him.

Commentary will no longer use the term World Serious. I guess I started using the term back during the 2004 and 2005 playoff years when we actually made it to the Fall Classic and have used the term ever since. Now that we have won the entire thing, I can let it go in peace. Now that we actually have a World Series Championship trophy roaming the streets of H-Town, using the term World Serious doesn’t sound right anymore. Don’t you agree? So, it is adios to World Serious and it was nice knowing you.

As usual, Commentary won’t say much about college sports because the players don’t get paid, but the fired college coaches make millions.

I usually don’t name products to buy other than folks know that when I am thirsty my friend, I prefer Saint Arnold Amber. If they are out of Amber, Art Car is my second choice, then Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. I don’t name wines because way, way back I once did, then a couple of weeks later they jacked up the price on the wine I mentioned. I will say this. I picked up an apple pie at Whole Foods the other day for Thanksgiving Day dinner and I have to say it was the best store-bought apple pie I have ever had – I think.

Christmas Day is four weeks from today. Got it?

My best friend Al and his lovely wife Julie who is also like family to me got their picture in yesterday’s Chron on a big spread in the Zest section on the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Gala. Commentary attended the black tie gala in a tux but instead of the bow tie, I wore a cool Dia de los Muertos neck tie that Marisol gave me for my BD.

Fifty years ago today, the “Magical Mystery Tour” album was released here in the USA and I was there to buy mine. “Hello, Goodbye”, “The Fool on the Hill”, “All You Need is Love”, “Penny Lane”, “Strawberry Fields Forever”, “Baby You’re a Rich Man”, and “I Am the Walrus.” Do I need to say anything more?

Justin Verlander and John Lackey of course are tied for third in career wins with 188 among active MLBers. Lackey has 147 career losses and Verlander 114.

For ‘Stros fans, they are already taking orders for a 2017 World Series Championship 2018 wall calendar at calendar.com and on the ‘Stros’ website. I am getting one.

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