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Crowning Achievement

On July 20, 2011, Jose Altuve made his MLB at The Yard starting at second base versus the Nationals. Name our starting second baseman on July 19, 2011?

I got mine. Do you have yours?

Commentary is talking about Crowning Achievement, the magazine that came in yesterday’s Chron on the ‘Stros. It has great articles and great photos. I read it all.

Kuffer has a take today on the upcoming HISD and HCC runoff. He got one a little wrong. Here is his take:

Here’s the schedule and locations. Note that while the early vote period covers a week, from Wednesday, November 29 through Tuesday, December 5, there are only six days to vote, as there is no voting on Sunday the 3rd. Runoff Day itself is Saturday, December 9, which may be a bit complicated in my neck of the woods as that is also the date for Lights in the Heights. Won’t be the first time I’ll spend the better part of that evening refreshing the harrisvotes.com webpage on my laptop.

Anyway. For the most part, the regular early voting locations in HISD I and III and HCC 9 will be open, along with the Harris County Administration Building downtown and the Metropolitan Multi-Service Center on West Gray, because that’s where Heights people like to vote. If you’re not in one of those districts you’re off the hook thanks to there being no city races on the ballot. For the same reason, we can expect turnout to be pretty light. I can throw one number at you: In the 2005 runoff for HISD I, when there was an At Large Council race but not a Mayor’s race, Natasha Kamrani defeated Anne Flores Santiago with 3,026 total votes being cast. I’d draw the over/under line at that level, with fewer votes in HISD III and maybe about the same in HCC 9. Make your plan to vote if you’re in one of these districts, the EV period will begin and end before you know it.

On the Early Voting locations, in the runoff the Bingo Lodge in the Heights isn’t being used. It was booked for other events. Just letting voters know.

According to one of the Dem candidates for Harris County Judge, Hunker Down is speaking tonight to the Meyerland Dems. What is up with that? Dem County Judge candidate Lina Hidalgo put this out on Saturday:

This Monday at 7, Ed Emmett has been invited to speak to the Meyerland Area Democrats. There will be open question time. Here are a few questions we have for him and encourage others to consider:

Why wasn’t flood control the most well funded-important item-on the 2015 county bond election?

Why did you spend more time fighting to waste taxpayer dollars on the Astrodome than you did prioritizing flood control projects, even though voters shot renovation plans down twice?

If you are re-elected, are you going to serve the full term or are you going to resign so Republicans on Commissioners Court can replace you with a younger Republican?

Why do you oppose property tax relief for homeowners?

Why do you want to raise the sales tax-the most regressive tax-on Harris County residents?

Do you support Equal Pay for Equal Work?

Do you support Donald Trump?

Why do you raise money for Ted Cruz?

Why are you spending taxpayers money opposing cash bail reform in Harris County? Do Republicans hate poor people?

Why didn’t you encourage the court to discuss the legal implications to join the lawsuit against SB4 instead of tabling the conversation? How can you expect the Immigrant Community to back you or believe you when you won’t swiftly take that kind of action?

Republican Ed Emmett’s leadership has fallen short. The Trump election showed us we must stand up for our principals, at all levels of government, before it is too late. It’s time for us, as Democrats to challenge him.

I like the Trump and Sen. Cruz questions. There needs to be a SB 4 question. On Hunker Down not serving a full term, I heard that from a major Dem player this past weekend. Of course, he has to win next year.


On a related note, see the following tweet:

CNN Breaking News‏Verified account @cnnbrk 5m5 minutes ago

The only facility in the world to host the Olympics, Super Bowl and Final Four has been reduced to rubble. The Georgia Dome, former home of the Atlanta Falcons was imploded today http://cnn.it/2z3vH1K

They didn’t have a problem doing away with their dome.

The Chron has a story on the Trump and Sheriff bumper sticker down the road in Fort Bend County. A sign of the times these days.

It is November 20 and 99.1 FM already has the Christmas tunes and so does SiriusXM Channel 4.

Angel Sanchez of course started second base for the ‘Stros on July 19, 2011.

The ‘Stros continue to rack up awards. Here is from Alyson Footer:

HOUSTON — The World Series champion Astros’ season ended more than two weeks ago, and there has barely been a moment to take a breath.

First, there was the World Series parade and rally at city hall. Next up was a week-long announcement of several prestigious awards, including the naming of Jose Altuve as the American League’s Most Valuable Player.

The grand finale of awards season culminated on Friday with the big reveal of this year’s Esurance MLB Awards. The Astros swept through myriad categories as the most nominated team in baseball. They also won the most awards, topping all 29 other clubs with seven.

The Astros won the following categories: Best Major Leaguer (Altuve), Best Manager (A.J. Hinch), Best Executive (general manager Jeff Luhnow), Best Major Leaguer, Postseason (Altuve and Justin Verlander tied), Best Postseason Moment (Alex Bregman’s walk-off hit in Game 5 of the World Series) and Best Fan Catch.

Also, a panel of MLB experts named the Astros as one of three winners of the Best Moment category. The Astros’ sweep of the Mets in their first home games after Hurricane Harvey, and Hinch’s uplifting speech to the crowd, earned them honors in that category.


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