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The Trophy

Which three MLB players hit the most dingers during this past postseason?

I sent out and tweeted a photo of my nephew Dave with the World Serious 2017 Championship trophy this past Friday. Dave works for Telemundo and GM Jeff Luhnow visited the station and brought along the trophy. Cool!

Jim Crane, the owner, took the trophy to a gala at the MFA the other night and it was accidentally knocked over and suffered some minor dings. Luckily some museum staff were on hand and performed minor surgery and fixed it up.

Commentary loves the idea of the trophy being hauled over the H-Town region, so folks can take a photo with it. I will patiently wait for my opportunity. I also think everyone who has supported the ‘Stros through the years should get a photo with the trophy, especially those who showed up at The Yard during the three consecutive 100 plus loss seasons.

From the Chron E-Board this past Saturday:

(Thumbs down) Texans owner Bob McNair could have atoned for his sins (“we can’t have the inmates running the prison.”) with one move: signing blackballed quarterback Colin Kaepernick as a replacement for the injured Deshaun Watson. That would have been a bold move, one that would have brought the team a player in the mold of the one carried off the field with a knee injury. What we get instead is Josh Johnson, who hasn’t completed a pass in the NFL in six years, and this cryptic explanation from coach Bill O’Brien: “Colin Kaepernick’s a good football player. Hasn’t played football in a while.”

And this:

(Thumbs twiddled) One reasonable take away from this week’s election: The only thing keeping Democrats viable is Donald Trump. It certainly isn’t the party’s narrative. It has none. Our state’s Dems were either hubristic or delusional at a Texas Tribune panel discussion Sunday in Austin. Former San Antonio mayor and HUD Secretary Julián Castro suggested he might mount a run for the White House in 2020. One problem: He likely can’t win in his home state. Meanwhile, Wendy Davis didn’t rule out challenging Greg Abbott one more time. Another problem: Her last campaign was one of the most poorly run in Texas history.

Hey, but she gets a movie made about her. It was reported that Sandra Bullock has sort of agreed to play former State Sen. Wendy Davis in a flick about her filibuster called “Let Her Speak.” Interesting. I wonder if they make the flick will they let part of it be shot at the Capitol.

Filing deadline is four weeks from today.  I amwaiting for local and state Dems to show me their cards, err candidates.

It is November 13 and the Hallmark Channel is running Christmas flicks.

Let’s see, Jose Altuve had 7 postseason dingers, #SpringerDinger 6, Carlos Correa 5, and Alex Bregman, Aaron Judge of the Yankees, and Justin Turner of the Dodgers had 4 each of course.

Someone asked me on Friday if I was still celebrating our first ever World Serious Championship. I replied, “heck yes!” I am going to keep celebrating. What? You want me to be focused on the Texans?



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