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America’s Team

It works for me. Commentary is talking about the Chron E-Board today declaring that the ‘Stros are now “America’s Team.” Sorry Cowboys, but when was the last time you won a championship. America’s Team sounds a lot better than Houston Proud, Houston Expect the Unexpected, Houston’s Hot, or Houston It’s Worth It.

Here is how the E-Board take starts:

World Series Champions.

Believe it. Houston earned it.

As long as the Astros have played ball, we’ve ended each season mumbling, “Maybe next year.” Now that the 2017 baseball season is over, we can finally shout something else.

World Series Champions!

Beyond that, we humbly suggest our Boys of Summer have earned another title: The Houston Astros are now America’s Team.

Just take a look at the photographs of the players joyously leaping into each other’s arms after winning the championship. The diversity of this scrappy band of brothers reflects the hard-working population of Houston, the most diverse city in the nation. Our area’s leading sociologist, Dr. Stephen Klineberg, tells anybody who will listen that all of America in 25 years will look like Houston looks today. If that’s true, all of America will soon look like the Houston Astros.

Here is the entire take: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/editorials/article/America-s-Team-12327850.php.

If you think about it, the ‘Stros looks a lot more like the H-Town area than the Dodgers look like the LA area, just saying.

Commentary is ready to embrace America’s Team. Stick it on an orange t-shirt and I’ll wear it to Opening Day.

Name a few of the batting accomplishments from #SpringerDinger during the World Serious?

School’s Out!

This is what you now call a ‘Stros Day.

HISD is cancelling classes today so folks can go to the ‘Stros parade if they choose.

Some folks like the day off. Some folks don’t.

Here is the Channel 13 news story.


Houston ISD is closed on Friday – the day of the Astros victory parade – after nearly 1,000 staffers reportedly requested off.

According to HISD trustee Rhonda Skillern-Jones, 950 of the district’s teachers and bus drivers had submitted time off requests.

When asked for comment, an HISD spokesperson said the cancellation was a result of “logistical and safety concerns about traffic.”

HISD Superintendent Richard Carranza announced that the district’s schools, facilities and administrative offices will be closed Friday, Nov. 3, so that students and staff can enjoy the Astros World Series parade and festivities.

Here are a couple of tweets:

Lisa Falkenberg‏Verified account@ChronFalkenberg 3h3 hours ago


I love the #Astros but really, @HoustonISD? Cancelling school Friday? There are a lot of parents who cannot afford to miss anymore work.


Mom Who Roars‏@brandymcd1 3h3 hours ago

Replying to @ChronFalkenberg @HoustonISD

So many spent 2+ weeks scrambling for child care due to Harvey, and now they have to again? Bad call.


Annise Parker‏Verified account@AnniseParker 11h11 hours ago

I love the Astros, but closing the schools says sports are more important than academics. Lots of kids lost school days to Harvey.

I heard from a few folks yesterday who said for Pete’s sake, we won our first ever World Serious, so why not!

Of course, a lot of kids were probably going to skip class anyway.

I could go either way on this. Did they even consider holding the parade tomorrow?

They are estimating 500,000 folks to show up at the parade in Downtown H-Town. I wonder if that includes 200,000 plus HISD students, teachers, and staff.

Speaking of HISD, I saw this online yesterday:

Union-backed PAC with $225K gets behind 4 Houston ISD board candidates

By Jacob Carpenter

Published 8:00 am, Thursday, November 2, 2017

A political action committee mostly funded by the nation’s largest teachers’ union has received $225,000 to spend on supporting four candidates for the Houston ISD school board election and a city ballot measure, campaign finance reports show.

Houston United for Strong Public Schools plans to spend in support of three incumbent candidates — Wanda Adams, Holly Maria Flynn Vilaseca and Anne Sung — and newcomer Elizabeth Santos ahead of Tuesday’s election, records show. The PAC doesn’t plan to spend on candidates in two other Houston ISD board races.

Political action committees operate independently of individual candidates’ campaigns. Houston United for Strong Public Schools has received the most donations to date among PACs supporting local school board candidates.

Records show Houston United for Strong Public Schools took in $150,000 from the political arm of the American Federation of Teachers, which represents about 1.7 million public employees, most of them working in schools. 

The PAC also received $75,000 from the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, a union representing about 1.6 million public service employees. In addition to supporting the four board candidates, the PAC plans to spend in favor of a Houston city ballot measure to authorize the sale of $1 billion in bonds under a pension reform plan.

In a statement, AFT President Randi Weingarten said union members contribute to candidates who work to make public schools a place where “parents want to send their kids, teachers want to teach and kids are engaged.”

“In Houston, that means first and foremost supporting school board candidates focused on helping children and educators heal and recover after Hurricane Harvey and ensuring Houston families continue to have control over their public schools,” Weingarten said.

“And it means electing candidates who support strong community schools, are focused on real learning over high-stakes testing and recruiting and retaining teachers so they stop leaving the district after only a few years in the classroom, and who will fight for additional funding from Austin.”

Here is the story:  http://www.chron.com/news/education/article/PAC-backed-by-unions-puts-225K-behind-4-Houston-12323411.php.

I said this the other day:

Commentary is going to be curious to hear how our local leadership responds to this massive and major intrusion into our local electoral process.

This is ridiculous.

HISD Trustee Anna Eastman posted on the issue and put some folks in a defensive posture.

A lot of folks aren’t saying much on this because what are they going to say – that it is a good and healthy thing?

I finally got around to seeing the ad that is running in Virginia that was put out by a Latino group.  Some folks don’t like the ad.  I don’t have a problem with it.  Imagine being a youngster with immigrant ties.  Imagine being Johnny Reb.

Commentary was scratching my head on this one the other day. I’m talking about sticking a new neighborhood in a floodplain. I thought we were #HoustonStrong not #HoustonWrong. Here is how the Chron E-Board reacted yesterday:

Houston just faced our first major flooding test after Hurricane Harvey, and we nearly failed.

Buried in the City Council agenda on Wednesday was an ordinance to create a Municipal Utility District for a 151-acre housing development smack in the middle of the floodplain.

It is the sort of item that never should have appeared on the agenda in the first place.

Thanks to Houston Chronicle reporter Mike Morris and local advocacy groups like Residents Against Flooding and Save Buffalo Bayou, the scandalous MUD proposal was brought to public attention and referred back to the mayor for the time being. Were it not for media scrutiny and civic activism, this MUD, which was originally supported by District A Council Member Brenda Stardig, and the underlying master-planned community would have proceeded like any number of the oft-ignored issues that come before City Council.

City Hall got lucky that someone else caught its mistake.

Mayor Sylvester Turner needs to reject the MUD and send a message that times have changed in Houston. Our city can no longer tolerate a civic philosophy that insists on construction at any cost. We can no longer allow developers to treat our city as their playground for profit. Flood prevention and ecologic resilience must be given a newfound priority.

Here is the entire E-Board reaction: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/editorials/article/Has-Houston-learned-nothing-after-Harvey-12324681.php.

#SpringerDinger tied the record for most dingers in a Serious with 5 joining Chase Utley and Reggie Jackson. He had 29 total bases which is now a Serious record and which was previously held by Willie Stargell and Reggie Jackson with 25. He had 8 extra base hits, also a new Serious record. He hit a dinger in 4 consecutive Serious games, also a new Serious record. He led this Serious with the most hits with 11 and batting average among players who played every game at .379 of course. Not bad at all.

I can’t decide if I’ll head Downtown to check on the parade stuff.

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