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Houston United

The next three World Serious games will be played at The Yard. We have yet to win a Serious game at home. How many Serious games have the Texas Rangers won in their crib?

Commentary was at a dinner last night and an observer of HISD asked me about a new PAC called Houston United for Strong Public Schools that has injected itself into the current HISD trustee elections. I saw the other day that Houston United for Strong Public Schools had a post online endorsing one of Gretchen Himsl’s opponents. This was followed by a mailer. FYI: Gretchen is a candidate for HISD Trustee District 1 and she is also Commentary’s client.

I went to the Texas Ethics Commission website and found that the group had just filed in late September. Their address was the same address as the Harris County AFL-CIO. Their treasurer appears to be a member of the Houston Federation of Teachers (HFT). So much for transparency.

This is kind of silly. Everybody knows the HFT is a major player and donor in HISD trustee elections. They have been like forever.   Why the front group? As Dems, shouldn’t we frown upon these kind of silly shenanigans and avoidance of transparency? Kind of scratching my head on this one? Oh, well!

Commentary got some run yesterday on Channel 11 news. Here is from their website:

There’s an Astros season ticket holder who has snagged more than 100 foul balls over the years.

Marc Campos has been a faithful follower since back in the early days when the team was called the Colt 45s.

For the last 17 years, he’s had season tickets in the front row along the 1st base line at Minute Maid Park. It’s a strategic spot that has helped Campos earn the title of foul ball king.

“I just like them. I like to show them off. It’s kind of like a showoff value,” he said.

The season ticket holder gives most of the foul balls away.

He has kept about 45 in his collection, which are stored with a ticket and written reminder of how he got them.

“It’s kind of like the kid in you, part of the kid. Ever since I was going to professional baseball games, I always dreamed about getting a foul ball.”

Campos plans to attend all of the World Series home games and he hopes to add another historic foul ball to his shelf.

Here is the story: http://www.khou.com/sports/mlb/world-series/meet-the-astros-foul-ball-king/486424007.


The Rangers have won three World Serious games in their crib of course.

Folks keep asking for my prediction and I refuse to give one. I just say one game at a time.

Go Astros!

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