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Home Field Advantage

Commentary didn’t want to say anything during last night’s game in Cleveland because I might have jinxed the game.  I am talking about the Wahoo fella on the lids of the Cleveland players.  Totally insensitive and classless and see what they got.  They are cleaning out their lockers today.  Maybe now they will get rid of the fella.

Who won the last LCS game played at The Yard?

She should be a goner

Commentary is talking about the soon to be former principal of HISD’s Furr High School. In this day and age and in 2017, you just don’t say this over the school PA:

“And those of you that are not dressed in dress code, you are to go to the gym, because we have over there a baseball bat and we’re going to work you over for being out of dress code. You’re going to meet with the assistant principal (indiscernible). We’re going to have a long talk about following rules in this school. When we ask you to do something, we expect you to do it. And if you don’t do it, we’re going to start taking some action against you. So, I want to congratulate everybody that is in dress code today. Thank you.”

Even though her legal team said she was just joking, you don’t make jokes like that over the PA if you are the principal. It is not an issue of political correctness, you just don’t talk like that to your students.

Here is the Chron story on the remarks: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/education/article/Houston-ISD-investigating-new-allegations-against-12270659.php.

This tweet came out yesterday:

Scott Lincicome‏Verified account @scottlincicome Oct 10

Massive list of state/local Chambers of Commerce practically beg POTUS to not scrap #NAFTA

Followed by this one:

EricaGrieder‏Verified account@EricaGrieder 14h14 hours ago


EricaGrieder Retweeted Scott Lincicome

Y’know, it would be cool if @GregAbbott_TX, @DanPatrick, Rs in #txlege and @TexasGOP could find the courage to weigh in on this

Don’t hold your breath. Commentary has said it before. Gov. Greg Abbott will go down as one of the lousiest governors in Texas history. The fella lacks leadership skills.

I don’t care what you think about NAFTA, it is a huge part of the Texas economy and Abbott doesn’t have the guts to support his own state’s economy on NAFTA. He can’t get the state’s congressional delegation on the same page on Harvey relief. What a joke!

The last LCS game at The Yard was played against San Luis on October 17, 2005 and you got it, Albert Pujols put it on Brad Lidge with that three run dinger in the top of the ninth and we lost 5-4 of course.

Like Dorothy Gale said, “there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home.”

Commentary wants to thank everyone for temporarily rooting for the Yankees yesterday. Job well done. We now have home field advantage in the ALCS. That means Game 1 starts tomorrow at 7 pm at The Yard and Game 2 is Saturday at 3 pm. Plus, we’re playing the Yankees. It will be rocking for sure. I love our chances!

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