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The Breaks

Commentary is thinking folks in H-Town would rather forget yesterday. The ‘Stros got clobbered in Game 3 of the ALDS.  J.J. Watt went down for the season in front of our eyes and on national TV. I am convinced we just didn’t know how to channel all of our energy yesterday. Those are the breaks, folks.

The Trib has a piece on Gov. Greg Abbott and the Latino vote in 2018 here: https://www.texastribune.org/2017/10/07/abbott-chases-bigger-share-hispanic-vote-2018/.

All I can say is how many local GOPers who are running countywide are going to be with Abbott on SB 4, DACA, Trump, you get the picture.  Abbott ain’t going to score any new Latino votes here in Harris County. Hating on Latinos isn’t a Latino vote getter.

So, VP Pence left the Colts game yesterday because some African American fellas took a knee yesterday during the National Anthem.  Shocking!

It is funny to see some of the talking heads on Fox News trying to make that Weinstein movie fella the Dem’s MVP.  Huh?  Last I checked, he doesn’t vote on CHIP authorization. He doesn’t have a say on DACA. He can’t get us into a war with North Korea.  Got it?

Commentary is OK with Donald Trump calling out a GOP U.S. senator and the senator hitting back.  Fine with me. The more GOP in-fighting the better.

BTW, did you notice that when Sec. of State Tillerson called Trump a “moron”, nobody bothered to fact-check it?

This was in the Chron over the weekend:

A Boston Herald sportswriter added something to the list of misunderstandings Thursday: No, the Texas state flag and the Puerto Rico flag are not the same thing.

In the Boston Herald’s notes story about Thursday’s Astros win over the Red Sox, a description of the pregame ceremonies were included.

Here’s the passage near the end of notes:

“The Astros’ pregame ceremonies included a large Puerto Rican flag draped over the field next to a bigger American flag to honor the United States territory that was devastated recently by a hurricane. George Springer brought the Puerto Rican flag out with him when he was introduced and waved it back and forth to big applause.”

The Astros do have several Puerto Rican players on the team, including star shortstop Carlos Correa, so showing support for Puerto Rico could have been a nice touch, but no, that’s not what that was.

I always thought the Lone Star State flag was one of the most recognizable in the country. I guess I was wrong.

Commentary went to the Game 3 Watch Party at The Yard yesterday.  I noticed there were a lot of young Latino families in attendance.  I also noticed the price of a Saint Arnold went up by a buck for the playoffs.   You know what they say about karma on these matters.  I put out a tweet from The Yard yesterday on it being the largest sports bar in H-Town and the tweet got a ton of run.

Commentary is not going to panic. I think we can handle business at noon today at Fenway.  We don’t need a Game 5 at The Yard this Wednesday.

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