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The Chron E-Board today rightfully called out some NRA lapdogs today. Here is a part:

Twenty-two thousand people, a gathering of men, women and children the size of Angleton or Alvin or Kerrville, found themselves running, falling, dying Sunday night as ripping, tearing death rained down upon them. In Las Vegas a crazy man, a meticulous monster from on high, dealt out gruesome death to as many helpless, innocent people as he possibly could before ending his own misbegotten life.

Nearly a week later, our sense of helplessness almost matches those concert-goers, who had no idea where to run or what to do to protect themselves and their loved ones. Almost a week later our frustration with elected officials who refuse to act in response to a spreading epidemic almost drives a person to drink. Or despair.

To have to witness, yet again, the hang-dog visage of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell as we listen to him burble, yet again, some rote comment about “our thoughts and prayers” is to recall the scathing words directed at another U.S. senator decades ago: “Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last?”

We ask the same question of House Speaker Paul Ryan, of Sens. Cornyn and Cruz, of Kevin Brady, Pete Olson, John Culberson, Ted Poe and others we have elected to represent us. Have you no sense of decency? At long last – after Las Vegas and Orlando and Charleston and Newtown, after this town and that town – have you no sense of duty, of obligation to your fellow Americans? Isn’t their safety of any concern to you?

Yes, we know about your absolute and unyielding devotion to the Second Amendment to the Constitution; you’ve reminded us often enough. But with all due respect, gentlemen, your pious fealty looks a whole lot like craven obeisance to a bullying organization that profits when people acquire weapons and kill each other.

Here is the entire take: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/editorials/article/Gun-control-now-12256907.php.

Let me answer the question.   They have no decency – period. Their way isn’t working folks.   Lapdogs for sure.  How else do you explain their positions?


The above came from Channel 2 news this morning.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The above was the headline of the Chron’s Sports Section today.


Talk about making a statement yesterday. That’s what happens when MLB and the network TV big shots give us the matinee slot.

I wonder how many of those baseball writers who voted for Aaron Judge for AL MVP are feeling good about their vote this morning.

It was definitely electric at The Yard yesterday.

The ‘Stros looked like the best team in baseball yesterday.

Jose Altuve looked like the best player.

On a totally unrelated note, believe it or not, I ran into a H-Town City Council member yesterday who says he is seriously considering running for governor in 2018 as a Dem of course – believe it or not.

I took the METRO Rail to The Yard yesterday and I am glad I did. No parking hassles. I would recommend to folks to plan on arriving at least an hour ahead of the scheduled first pitch today. There were long lines and a heavy security presence so folks are going to have to be patient.

Game 2 of the ALDS is at 1 pm today.

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