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Harvey in 2018

How many times have the ‘Stros won 90 or more games in a season?

This twitter headline got a lot of local run yesterday:


The headline came from yesterday’s Chron E-Board take.

Talk about getting it handed to us on a silver platter. This is just what Harris County Dems can use going into the 2018 countywide elections. All parts of Harris County took a hit from Harvey and look how GOP Gov. Greg Abbott responded.   GOP Harris County Commissioner Steve Radack came out in support of tapping the so-called Rainy Day Fund for local relief. Have not heard from Hunker Down. Sen. Ted Cruz?

We’re going to be feeling the pain from Harvey for a while. Commentary thinks it is a legitimate issue that can used by local Dems heading into the 2018 local elections. What is $50 million out of close to $10 bil.   This was the mother of all storms and Gov. Abbott turned his back on us when we needed it the most. Never forget. Beat the drum.

How does the local GOP respond?  DACA. Trump. Now, DROP DEAD. Beat the drums, Dems!

In 1980, we were 93-70. In 1986, 96-66. In 1998, 102-60. In 1999, 97-65. In 2001, 93-69. In 2004, 92-70. Today, 99-60.

That’s 7 seasons of 90 plus wins.

We are playing terrific baseball. So is Cleveland.   We have 3 left.

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