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Playing Games

First of all, let’s stop calling it a Rainy Day Fund. Gov. Greg Abbott’s actions clearly demonstrates that it is not.

Abbott says the City of H-Town has all the money we need to clean up the Harvey mess. Huh?

What is wrong with you, dude?   Here is from the Trib:

If the state taps into the Rainy Day Fund to help with recovery following Hurricane Harvey, it won’t be until the next legislative session, Gov. Greg Abbott said during a news conference Tuesday.

Abbott’s announcement comes after Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner wrote to the governor asking the state to use the $10 billion fund. Turner said without significant state help, Houston will be forced to raise property taxes for one year to bring in $50 million for recovery efforts, which would cost the owner of an average Houston house $48.

Turner said he would not have proposed the tax hike had the governor called a special session to tap into the fund.

Abbott, who has said the state has enough resources to address Harvey-related needs between now and the next legislative session, added Tuesday that the state has already granted Houston almost $100 million for debris removal and established an “accelerated reimbursement program” for recovery efforts.

Abbott said he would pay any invoice the city submits to the state within 10 days.

Turner “has all the money that he needs,” Abbott said. “He just needs to tap into it,” referring to money in Tax Increment Reinvestment Zones.

In an emailed statement Tuesday, Turner spokesman Alan Bernstein said Houston “cannot raid funds that the state has indicated cannot be raided – and which are largely for drainage projects to prevent future flooding anyway.”

Here is the entire Trib piece: https://www.texastribune.org/2017/09/26/state-will-not-use-rainy-day-fund-harvey-recovery-until-next-legislati/.

And from the Chron:

AUSTIN — Gov. Greg Abbott on Tuesday strongly rejected suggestions from Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner and other city officials that they could avoid raising local property taxes to pay for damage from Hurricane Harvey if the state would immediately tap its reserve funds.

“In times like these, it’s important to have fiscal responsibility as opposed to financial panic,” Abbott said following an afternoon briefing on Harvey recovery efforts with FEMA officials.

Added Abbott: “The mayor seems to be using [Harvey recovery] as hostage to raise taxes.”

This fella doesn’t get it and never will. He’s playing games with the lives of folks in these parts. What a sorry arse. Commentary has said it before. This fella will go down in Texas history as one of the worse governors. He has earned it for sure. There is no other explanation. He’s playing games. What a joke!

And shame on local H-Town GOPers for standing idly by and not speaking up for your fellow H-Town residents and for your city! You are better than this and you know it.  It is time to call out your governor on behalf of your city.  Don’t allow yourself to also be part of the problem.  What a shame!

Commentary has kind of watched the ‘Megyn Kelley, Today” the past couple of days. It is no big deal. Maybe it will be, but right now it is not.

About 75 folks showed up at the HISD District 1 candidates forum last night.

The first two games of the ALDS will be played next Thursday and Friday at The Yard. Yesterday I tweeted that we would probably host Boston but who knows? Cleveland is 98-59 and we are 97-60. Who knows?

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