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The Knee Won

On a play of words, a knee reacting to the jerk.

Donald Trump decided to take on NFL players who take a knee during the playing of the national anthem and got major blowback.

The greatest basketball player on the planet called him a “bum.”

His buddy who owns the Super Bowl champs said he was “disappointed” in what Trump said.

The owner of the Texans who is a major GOP donor called Trump’s words “divisive and counterproductive.”

The NFL Commissioner condemned Trump’s remarks.

While just a few were taking the knee a week ago, quite a few more joined in yesterday and a few hundred more locked arms in support.

I am thinking the knee won.

I am ready to take it to the next level to like why don’t more folks sing the national anthem? In Commentary’s section at The Yard, Commentary is the only one who sings it. Come on! They even put the words up for you on El Grande.

What’s up with that?

Meanwhile, has anyone told Trump what is going on in Puerto Rico?

I am thinking the H-Town Mayor needs to talk to some of his help on the raising of taxes thing.  If you are going to talk about raising our taxes, why don’t you get specific on where the money is going to go. Here is from the Trib:

“The governor, lieutenant governor, legislative leaders need to say, ‘Let’s do a one-cent sales tax for the next three years,'” (HPD Police Chief Art) Acevedo said. “That’s more of a user tax. People that really can’t afford it aren’t going to spend it anyway. I don’t think anybody will go bankrupt over one cent.”


At a panel on flooding earlier Saturday, Houston’s newly appointed flood czar, Stephen Costello, said the city was facing unprecedented financial needs for Hurricane Harvey recovery and that a lot of that money is going to have to come from local governments. But it’s still unclear how local governments are going to cover funding shortfalls outside of federal recovery money, he said.

Costello said the public will need to “get over” a “no new taxes” mentality in order to fund flood mitigation infrastructure projects for the future.  

Here is the read: https://www.texastribune.org/2017/09/23/houston-police-chief-calls-state-leaders-help-rebuilding-post-harvey/.

They are not being helpful or productive if you ask Commentary. Specifics, please?

Put Commentary in the category that we don’t need a major Dem candidate to run for governor here in the Lone Star State. Here is from Burkablog:

Texas political reporters are chasing congressman Joaquin Castro with a single question: Will he challenge Governor Greg Abbott’s re-election? Castro, seemingly enjoying the attention, coquettishly says no without actually offering a definitive answer. As Castro demurs, other names pop up as potential Democratic gubernatorial candidates: Castro’s brother, Julián; University of Texas Chancellor Bill McRaven; Hill+Knowlton Strategies Chairman Jack Martin; and Dallas businessman Mark Cuban. Rumor upon rumor. But with the December 11 candidate filing deadline growing closer every day, the Democrats still have no challenger for Abbott.

The reason for that is fairly simple. A poll circulating among the state’s Democratic leadership—which I was given on the agreement that I would not identify its source, but I have confirmed the information with additional Democratic operatives—shows Abbott is currently the most popular politician in Texas, with less than 30 percent of the state’s voters viewing him unfavorably. If the election had been held when the poll was conducted this summer among 1,000 registered Texans likely to vote in 2016, Abbott would have received 49 percent of the vote, and a Democrat to be named later would have scored 38 percent. That’s about the same percentage of the vote Democrat Wendy Davis received in her 2014 loss to Abbott. The poll also notes that Abbott’s name identification among voters was 91 percent. Castro’s was 44 percent. It was not a general survey of voters, because it oversampled Hispanics and voters in some targeted state House districts. About 37 percent of the respondents were Democrats, 19 percent independents, and 44 percent Republicans.

Here is all of the read: https://www.texasmonthly.com/burka-blog/democratic-polling-shows-abbott-is-almost-unbeatable/.

This is happening tomorrow in Commentary’s ‘hood:

District I Candidate Forum – Tuesday, September 26 at 6:00pm at Hogg M.S.

District I Candidate Forum Tuesday, September 26 from 6:00pm- 8:00pm Hogg M.S. Auditorium, 1100 Merrill Street, Houston, TX 77009 Neighbors, please make plans to attend this public event, sponsored by the Hogg Middle School PTA, Travis Elementary PTA, Arabic Immersion Magnet School PTO, and Heights High School PTO. All District I Trustee candidates have been invited to participate and will discuss important issues. It will also give candidates an opportunity to hear the concerns of constituents; and ultimately, it will help all voters make an informed decision when casting their ballots on November 7th.

It is looking more like we are shooting for the number 2 spot in the AL best record department.   We should have won last night and now play our final 7 in Arlington and Boston.


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