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Lacking Compassion

Commentary is thinking the leadership over at the Houston Housing Authority didn’t read the memo about showing compassion for folks after Harvey arrived. A few days ago, they informed a number of seniors that they had five days to pack their bags after the first floor was flooded at their high rise over near Memorial Drive. It caused a bit of a ruckus at Tuesday’s City Council meeting. Now check out this from the Chron’s Rebecca Elliott:

Residents of at least one Houston public housing complex have been asked to pay September rent for flooded units deemed uninhabitable, even as Mayor Sylvester Turner has publicly condemned private landlords for similar practices.

Half a dozen tenants of Clayton Homes, which is owned by the Houston Housing Authority, said property management asked them about rent earlier this month, even though Hurricane Harvey had rendered their units unlivable. Most paid after being told they otherwise would lose their spot at the complex, one of the city’s few subsidized developments.

Here is the entire read: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/politics/houston/article/Housing-authority-charges-tenants-rent-for-12214626.php.

Tone deaf if you ask Commentary. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

When Ike hit back in 2008, the big issue afterwards was restoring power to neighborhoods. I remember some elected officials holding a press conference saying their neighborhoods were being overlooked. They kind of looked silly in light of the fact that just about everyone got clobbered because Ike didn’t discriminate.

Here is from the Chron on yesterday’s City Council meeting:

City Council members under pressure from constituents to remove the thousands of piles of Hurricane Harvey wreckage on Houston curbs spent Wednesday morning shouting over each other about the topic before delaying a proposal Mayor Sylvester Turner said is needed to meet the city’s goal of trucking 150,000 cubic yards of that debris to landfills each day.

Houston had removed a total of 400,000 cubic yards of debris by Tuesday night, the mayor said, noting the ongoing struggle to draw enough trucks into service. The difficulty is partly because the region is competing with a similar cleanup in Florida and partly because the debris removal rate the city had received through competitive bidding before Harvey proved too low to attract subcontractors.


“There’s a lot of debris everywhere. I know people want it up right now,” Turner said. Still, he said the process may be slower than desired because some truckers have sought even higher rates. “I’m not going to be aggressive in going beyond the FEMA-approved rate. I’m not going to assume an added amount more beyond that when we don’t know where those dollars are going to come from.”

Against a backdrop of intense constituent interest, the discussion quickly went sideways.

Turner already was miffed at questions from Councilmen Jerry Davis and Michael Kubosh about what value prime contractor DRC was providing for its fee when Councilman Larry Green chimed in, seeking information about minority contracting and when trucks were slated to visit neighborhoods in his southwest Houston district.

When Turner declined to answer his queries, Green responded by tagging the item, forcing a one-week delay.

The mayor accused Green of slowing the debris removal process and even suggested the other council members were acting irresponsibly by not voting to override Green’s tag – one of the few powers granted to council members in Houston’s strong-mayor system.

“No one is in a position right now to provide that specificity. There’s debris all over the city in large amounts,” Turner said. “Everybody wants it out of their districts. I got that. But it’s citywide, not just district-specific.”

Here is the entire read: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/politics/houston/article/Mayor-council-clash-over-Harvey-debris-removal-12216212.php.

I really don’t think shouting solves things. There is lot of debris out there. I know it is difficult for an elected official to be patient when they see their neighborhoods engulfed in debris, but what else can they do. Just like in Ike, Harvey clobbered a whole lot of folks and didn’t discriminate.

This guy insists on being right up there on the liars list. Here is from Politico:

Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer said he did not “knowingly” lie to the American people, adding that President Donald Trump has never asked him to lie.

In an interview broadcast Thursday on “Good Morning America,” his first one since appearing at the Emmy Awards on Sunday, Spicer said he doesn’t think he’s lied to the American people.

We won last night, so did Cleveland, so did Boston.


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