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Patriot Day

It seems like it has been more than 16 years. Commentary is talking about September 11, 2001. Maybe it is because of the events of the last couple of weeks and for me personally having to deal with family stuff over the last 18 months or so. I still remember.

And we are still at war.

One calendar I have says Patriot Day, the other doesn’t.

Good luck to the many schools around here that are opening today.

Last week a number of prominent folks came out with Op-Eds, blogs, and other social media posts on drastically changing the way we handle rainwater in these parts. There were also a number of articles written on the subject in various publications and media outlets. There were a few folks who just said to get bigger umbrellas.

In yesterday’s Chron, the E-Board laid out a blueprint of sorts on what we need to do. Here are their 12 points:

  1. Establish a regional flood control authority
  2. Build a third reservoir
  3. Build the coastal barrier system
  4. Buy the Westwood Golf Club
  5. Approve new funding streams
  6. Require more effective land-use regulations
  7. Reform the National Flood Insurance Program
  8. Insist on a transparent Corps of Engineers
  9. Reinvigorate our politics
  10. Protect renters
  11. Help schools rebuild
  12. Establish a national emergency website address

Here is the entire must read: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/editorials/article/Fight-flooding-now-12185716.php.

Commentary gets that all of our local elected officials have been busy trying to help their constituents that sustained flood damage and they have not had the time to focus on next steps. It will be interesting to see which ones will finally get around to embracing major changes in how we do things around here. Stay tuned for sure.

Kuffer has a take today on how Harvey has kind of put the local elections on hold. Here is a part:

And then Harvey came to call. In addition to the devastation and misery, as well as triumph of the spirit, it has knocked the usual campaign schedule for a huge loop. I know of at least one candidate whose house flooded, but every candidate has suspended their campaign activities, out of respect for the victims and to pitch in for the recovery. I have no idea at this point when enough of us will feel normal enough to get back to the usual business of running for office and picking candidates to vote for. Election Day is November 7, so early voting will begin October 23. I think it’s safe to say we’re going to get that mad dash to the finish line, though likely with a lot of hearts not really in it. Though I totally understand this, it is a bit of a concern. HISD has even more challenges ahead of it, and two-thirds of its Trustee seats are up for a vote. Three Trustees are stepping down. One Trustee was appointed earlier this year to fill out the term of a Trustee who resigned. Another Trustee won a special election last December for the same reason. Only one Trustee who had previously been elected to a full term is on the ballot, current Board President Wanda Adams, and she has several opponents. The HISD Board will be somewhere between “very different” and “completely remade” net year. It’s a pretty big deal. The HCC Board has three contested elections, two for Trustees who won special elections to fill out terms, and one to succeed the disgraced Chris Oliver. Again, the potential for change is big.

The good news, I suppose, is that while basically no one is paying attention to any of these races, there are at least fewer races for them to not pay attention to. Imagine if we had a full slate of city elections going on now, too. Campaigns attract money and volunteer energy, two things that are desperately needed for Harvey relief right now. I have to say, I’m not unhappy with the way events in the term limits lawsuit played out.

Here is all of Kuffer’s take: http://offthekuff.com/wp/?p=82341.

One of Commentary’s political clients took incoming this weekend from supporters of her opponents. I guess they think she is the frontrunner or something like that. Anyway, game one.

The only thing you can say about the Texans is they were not prepared.

The ‘Stros no longer have the best record in the AL thanks to Cleveland’s 18 game winning streak.

We have 19 games left – 10 roadies and 9 at The Yard.

No MLB question today.

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