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Another Czar

What is our magic number to clinch the AL best record?

This is from the City of H-Town’s website:

Houston residents, please remember that due to the disaster debris collection efforts, the only regularly scheduled solid waste service is garbage collection. All other scheduled services – curbside recycling, yard waste and junk/tree waste – are suspended until further notice. Please do not put your green cart with recycling or yard waste bags out, they will not be collected. We appreciate your cooperation and patience as we all recover together.

I guess my neighbors haven’t seen the memo. A number of them have their green bins out on the street today.

I guess we got us another czar of sorts. I just hope it doesn’t end up being another layer of red tape. Here is from the Trib:

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is tapping John Sharp, the chancellor of Texas A&M University, to lead the rebuilding effort in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

Sharp will chair the newly formed Governor’s Commission to Rebuild Texas, according to Abbott’s office. The governor is expected to unveil the commission at a news conference Thursday at the state Capitol.

Sharp has served as chancellor of the A&M system since 2011. Years before that, he was a longtime Democratic elected official, serving as the comptroller, in both houses of the state legislature and on the Railroad Commission. 

When he served in the state Senate in the 1980s, Sharp’s Victoria-based district included communities that were hardest hit by Harvey when it made landfall last month as a Category 4 storm.

Abbott’s appointment of Sharp to lead the commission was first reported by The Wall Street Journal.

Sharp is not expected to have to leave his job at A&M for the new position. 

I would have preferred a commission on how to get our act together on dealing with all the rain when it gets here.

Politico has a piece today on how Dem leaders are reacting to Sec. Hillary Clinton’s upcoming book tour. Here is the article: http://www.politico.com/story/2017/09/07/hillary-clinton-book-tour-democrats-242419.

She ought to know by now that she is the favorite target of the right wing crowd.   If she wants to put herself out there, well it is her choice. I would prefer to move forward. It just distracts from Dems going after the GOP on issues like DACA.

21 is our magic number to clinch the AL best record of course. 9 for the AL West title.

We have won 7 in a row. Cleveland has won 14 in a row. The D-Backs have won 13 in a row.



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