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H-Town is DACA Strong

H-Town has one of the largest DACA communities in the nation. They are a vibrant and productive part of who we are. I want our leadership to stand strong for DACA. Where does the H-Town GOP leadership stand on DACA today?

I read two very troubling Op-Eds on Harvey the last couple of days. One of the pieces was authored by a construction company owner and it ran in Texas Monthly. The other ran in the Chron. They both said don’t worry about it, it just rained too much. One said don’t blame sprawl. The other called folks that want serious changes on how we build around these parts “narrative spinners.” These guys don’t get it.

Here is from one of the pieces:

 WE’VE SEEN a flurry of commentators in the past few days attributing Houston’s flooding to a litany of pet political causes. Aside from the normal carping about climate change, several pundits and journalists have opportunistically seized upon Houston’s famously lax zoning and land use regulations to blame Harvey’s destruction on sprawl and call for “smart growth” policies that restrict and heavily regulate future construction in the city.

What is this fella on? Are we just supposed to take it?   There are some places that flooded that have never flooded before. Are we just supposed to say it rained too much? We need to take a serious look at what happened and don’t rule out anything. These two fellas are way out of touch.

Here are the two Op-Eds. If you agree with them, have at it and get you a houseboat.



On the lighter side, the SiriusXM Beatles Channel ran this past weekend (over and over) the Top 100 Beatles songs as voted on by Beatles Channel listeners or subscribers. Here is the Top Ten:

  1. A Day in the Life
  2. In My Life
  3. Hey Jude
  4. Sun King/Mean Mr. Mustard/Polythene Pam/She Came in Through the Bathroom Window/Golden Slumbers/Carry that Weigh/The End
  5. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
  6. Here Comes the Sun
  7. Strawberry Fields Forever
  8. Something
  9. Let it Be
  10. Yesterday

I am not complaining because I didn’t take the time to vote.   I will say “Hey, Bulldog” at number 13? This just reminds you how great and talented they were that “She Loves You”, “Eleanor Rigby”, “I Want to Hold Your Hand”, “The Long and Winding Road”, “All You Need is Love”, “Come Together”, “Help”, “Ticket to Ride”, “Can’t Buy Me Love”, just to name a few didn’t make Top 10 status, plus not a tune from the “Revolver” album. Three are John’s, three are Paul’s, three are George’s, and one is John’s and Paul’s – got it?

Remember when the Dodgers seemed invincible. They still have the best record in MLB but they have lost 9 out of their last 10.

Remember when the ‘Stros cut J.D. Martinez at the beginning of the 2014 season? He’s only hit 117 MLB dingers since then. He had four yesterday against the Dodgers.

Justin Verlander pitches tonight for the ‘Stros.

We are already talking magic numbers with 25 games left.

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