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On Labor Day

An ABC News tweet:

Pres. Trump praises Coast Guard for saving people “by going into winds that the media would not go into…unless it’s a really good story.”

Terminating DACA.

This fella is a despicable thug and same thing for anyone associated with him.

I wonder if this is just a one day and one article story. From the Chron:

AUSTIN — Gov. Greg Abbott on Sunday endorsed imposing new development restrictions on rebuilding efforts from Hurricane Harvey to prevent future repeats of the disastrous flooding in the Houston area.

In the past, local plans to limit and control runoff from large-rainfall storms have been sidetracked by high costs and by opposition from business and development interests in a city without zoning controls.

Abbott’s comments appeared to put him on the side of new development limits, surely for additional flood-control protections, in a city where the issue has been politically challenging for decades.

“As we go through the build-out phase, and rebuilding Texas, part of our focus must be on rebuilding in a way that will prevent a disaster like this from happening again,” he told reporters before speaking during Sunday services at the Hyde Park Baptist Church, on the official Day of Prayer he proclaimed last week in Harvey’s aftermath.

“An easy thing to say about this is we need to create the water ways and the water runoff, capture and distribution, in ways that we will be able to get flood waters out of the way without it creeping back up into flooding houses and other buildings.”

Here is the entire read: http://www.chron.com/news/houston-weather/hurricaneharvey/article/Abbott-Rebuild-coastal-areas-to-abate-flood-12170525.php.

I am thinking nothing comes from this. The political courage and political will thing, you know, just saying. Maybe if J.J. Watt was in charge, maybe.

I am having to deal with a fallen tree thanks to Harvey in my Dad’s back yard. It is covered with poison ivy so a trip to Home Depot was required and I learned that there is a poison ivy killer spray. We have to wait for the ivy to completely die before we put the chainsaw to the tree. It is big arse tree.

Commentary doesn’t like to talk about college sports but I did find this tweet funny today:

Katherine Kekua‏ @RealLennayKekua 11h11 hours ago

Kevin Sumlin just passed Joel Osteen as most hated person in Texas

We pay these fellas too much money.

One of the hottest items at The Yard this past weekend were the Houston Strong ‘Stros shirts. They ran out.

We are 83-53 and three games up on Cleveland and now on the West Coast for a ten game roadie.

Make the most of your Labor Day.


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